The extent of my day was painting my beehive. It was super hot out so working in the sun was out of the question. I managed to mess up while painting and did a second coat of primer instead of the first coat of finish. Yes, I’m that brain dead this far into summer. I’m going to regret typing that. School is only a month and a week away. I’ve still got to get my license, and then DRIVE to SCHOOL. Let’s see, where’s my incentive for doing these things? All the classes I’m taking next year at the college are classes I have to take to graduate high school, not classes I’m interested in. My mom made the point that colleges don’t care if you have a high school diploma, so I could just take things I want to take and not bother wasting my time. I think everything I’m taking next year is required by both colleges and high schools though, which is really annoying.

It’s like, I don’t NEED to know math that takes two hours to solve in order to grow flowers. I may not know exactly when to plant things, when to prune them, or when to transplant, but I know that if I stick something in the dirt, there’s a 90% chance it’s going to live. It’s been a long time since I managed to kill something. Or at least something I didn’t have elsewhere in the yard. Speaking of the yard, there’s a new thing in bloom.

I find it funny that the flowers face away from the street and towards the rockery where they can’t be seen. Unless you go and stand in the flowerbeds like I’ve done. This is called a gladiolus. For some reason I keep wanting to call it a gladir. I’m terrible with names alright? These are growing randomly throughout the yard. It’s almost a little too random. There is one growing up in the Red Hot Poker patch, and another growing right next to the house. The ones in the photo are clearly the oldest of the three, so it’s odd that somehow the seeds would make it all the way into the back yard and up a hill. And then down to the almost unreachable dirt in the Red Hot Poker patch. I rather like the sound of that. I think I’m going to have to spread a few more seeds around there and make it entirely Red Hot Pokers. It’ll be really pretty and the hummingbirds enjoy them.

Tomorrow is the car show up at my grandfathers. I wasn’t going to go because it was going to be really boring. My mom is going to basically run the whole thing, and my grandpa’s going to socialize with everyone and their sister. I’d be there almost completely alone. And in the hot sun with little to no shade. So I opted to stay home. But then my neighbors said they might be going later in the day so my mom decided for me I could go with them and then S decided that I was going (though I had said nothing to imply that) and now I’m going to the car show sometime in the afternoon tomorrow. That is, if F wants to after he’s come back from fishing. It’s nice having him next door. He’s like a jack-of-all-trades. He grills, he fishes, he welds, he’s a handyman, and all we have to pay him is cookies. That and let him watch the dogs play every once in a while. He’s quite the big ‘ol teddy bear. He turns into an absolute child when he watches the dogs play. And he’s absolutely in love with Kira. F loves Kira and S loves Sam. She comes out and pets him every morning.

*shakes head* I still don’t know how I manage to write these long posts. I don’t even do anything during the day anymore. I’ve gained another three and a half pounds because my days consist entirely of sitting on my butt and watching TV while eating ice-cream straight from the bucket. Lol. I’ve recently picked up The Golden Compass, something I haven’t read in almost four years, and it’s gotten me back in the mood to write. I’ve mentioned before that I started writing a book, or a story at least. I’m only on page seven. The plot’s terrible, if it even exists, but I LOVE the idea of it, and I greatly enjoy the characters (what little personality I’ve given them). So I think tomorrow, if I get motivated enough, I’ll begin working on it again. Whish me luck!