So what’s it about?: Five students meet in detention, each fitting into a stereotype, and begin to get to know one another. After spending almost 9 hours with each other, and pouring their hearts out, they realize they aren’t all so different.

The good?: The characters problems are relatable to everyone, making this film very easy to connect with. The problems many of the students face give you something to reflect on, shedding light on some of your own issues. It’s something that is timeless and relatable the world over. That, combined with humor and good music, make it a classic. (Allison is my favorite character).

The bad?: The plot could’ve gone a bit more in depth in places. I felt like the characters, while clearly developed, could’ve revealed more about themselves. The show left something to be desired. It is a great story, and very enjoyable, but I feel like it was just sort of being an amazing film.

The verdict?: Definitely something you should see, if you haven’t already. You might just learn something about yourself. An excellent movie for a rainy day or when you’re sick.