I finally started priming my last box today, so it should take another two days to finish. It’s annoyingly difficult to just PAINT a shape. I have to prime three sides and then wait a day. Then I prime the fourth side and wait a day. Then I paint the first three sides and wait a day. And finally, on the fourth day, I get to paint the last side. But then I still have to wait another day before it’s dry. That’s why it’s taken me so long to get it done. Thankfully I’ve been painting the roof and the top two boxes at the same time so that things move quicker. I painted for about two hours today, and then went out in the yard for a bit. It was overcast, and just the right temperature for getting things done, but I became completely unmotivated after I finished painting. I don’t even have to do anything at all. I pulled half a bucket of weeds and was finished for the day.

I’m basically ignored in my house. I’m not running around getting high or spending the night at boys houses so my mom doesn’t need to worry about me. And I don’t stupidly bring attention to myself so all of my self image issues aren’t up in the air for the world to see. Or talk about rather. My mom hasn’t said hardly anything to me in the past few days. That’s why F offering me dinner was so depressing; no one’s ever home at my house. And when they are home I’m brushed aside for the problem child. I wasn’t even yelled at for not doing the dishes today. Just completely unnoticed. I’ve talked more with my neighbors in the past two days than I have with my mom all week. I’ll even try talking with her or showing her new things in the yard, and she’ll brush me off.

Today I honestly don’t know how she didn’t notice I was practically demanding her attention. Listen to me, I sound like a five year old. I suppose it’s only right I do though. Having been forced to be mature when I was five, and give up childhood during my childhood years. I think that’s why I act like such a child sometimes. I wasn’t allowed to be one when I was younger, so I’m making up for it now. I don’t know how the dogs make it through the school year. I’m the only one who gives them any attention, and I usually brush them aside because I’m tired and have homework or something. I feel like one of the dogs anymore. I won’t leave the house because I don’t care much for socializing, and if I leave no one will be home to take care of the dogs so I feel guilty. I’ve managed to successfully tie myself down. This beehive will make it so I won’t be able to travel during the summer months.

Anyway, I’ve got a few things to show you, since my phone actually sent the images through on time.

Another day lily. The others did have another bloom today. We’ve got two of the yellows and one of these. They don’t smell but they’re really vibrant and pretty. I’ll try to propagate them as soon as I find out how. I think you just split the root ball…


We’ve got several of these but I don’t know what they’re called. They also have these in red. My mom has a red one planted at my dads. It was either my grandmother’s or her grandmothers, but I can’t remember which. The hummingbirds love it and it’s really pretty. I’m going to try and steal it from my dad as soon as I can.

I think these might be called lobelia? My mom has told me the name before, but I can’t remember. They’re just growing in the pathway of the greenhouse. I really like them.

We also have a couple of lambs-ear growing wildly in the greenhouse. This yard is kind of amazing. We’ve got ALL kinds of exotic flowers growing wildly. I mean, we’ve got four roses growing in the lawn for crying out loud. I think it’ll take some effort to kill anything in this yard. And I don’t plan on trying.