As expected, all my pictures arrived in my inbox this morning. So I’ll show you what I intended to show you yesterday.

This is what this has looked like for the past several months.

This is what it looked like at the end of yesterday.

And thanks to my aunts beauty bark, this is what it looks like now.

My sister, surprisingly enough, actually did a bit of yard work today. Thanks to her, perhaps an eighth of my yard now looks like this. We barked the pathway Buttercup is standing in (because heaven forbid I take a picture she’s not in) as well as this main patch. We’ve still got another two garbage cans to go, and I’m sure my aunt has tons more to get rid of. It actually looks pretty nice I think, and it’ll make weeding TONS better. I won’t ever have to put so much effort into weeding over here again. Yay!

As soon as my mom came home she and my sister began talking incessantly in hushed tones. So I went outside and let them be. They decided they wanted to go for a drive but I didn’t want to and stayed home. They were gone a bit longer than I expected; at least two hours. Thankfully I’d eaten before then. I finally got bored and decided to bug my neighbors who were working in their yard. It was kind of depressing actually. And then F offered to go and get my dinner which practically drove me to tears. I’ve been wanting to cry for several days now, and it’s really annoying. I just need to watch Titanic and sob my eyes out and be done.

I was eventually invited over and we talked and talked about anything and everything. They gave me a popsicle, which led to talking about food. F is going to make us beer-can chicken sometime soon. We also talked about drinking. I told them I never drink, not liking the taste of alcohol and all. They don’t drink much either. Then F decided I should play a prank on my mom and tell her I was over there drinking wine coolers with them. I did. She didn’t believe me, I don’t know why. I think I need to work on my people skills. Or at least my comedic skills. A lot of things I do aren’t funny when they should be. My responses are quick and without much emotion, whereas most of the people around me take a split second longer to respond and have a much funnier conversation than I do.

I had a dream which involved a broken mirror. I didn’t even need to look it up to know it meant my self-image is messed up. Which I knew consciously. And it’s very apparent on my blog. One of these days I’m going to end up snapping I think. I don’t know how, but hopefully it doesn’t inconvenienced my life too much because I’ve got things to do and silly emotions and self images aren’t going to stand in my way.

*shocking news about my sister* She’s been smoking pot pretty much everyday since she got back from my dads. She finally confessed to my mom today. My mom doesn’t know what she’s going to do, but she’s considering counseling.

Random: I think S’s son S is gay. It’s weird actually, S has a daughter named S and a son named S and all three of their names sound sort of similar. Anyway, both of them were over the other day, and he waved when he saw me, and the way he waved kind of set off my gay-dar. And then tonight S mentioned that he had gone to two gay pride parades, and has mentioned several times that she’ll never have any grandchildren from him. So… yeah. Just thought I’d mention that.

Oh and I got lots of painting done today. I painted for about an hour, give or take. I’m super close to being able to assemble it. Or at least part of it. I’m still at least four days out for the last box I’ve got to do. Oh, did I mention we have a yellow jacket nest forming in the stairs? They’re starting to pester the dogs (no one’s been stung yet thankfully) so I’m going to need to spray soon. I’m going to get all dressed up for it, lol. I just need to go and buy some gloves and then I can start.

Ok, that’s all I got for you. This is a surprisingly long post that manages to talk about absolutely nothing. Sorry for wasting your time, lol.

Oh and I forgot this pretty picture of what I think is a daylily.

It was only open yesterday. It looks like that was the only bloom on the plant too, which is a shame.