Today was much more productive. I painted almost an entire box of my bee hive, and finished priming a box and the lid. Once the first box is completely painted and dry, I can start priming the last box. Finding a place to put thirty frames is rather difficult. After I did a bit of painting, I decided to go and work out in the yard.

For some annoying reason my phone won’t send the pictures I took to my email. So no photos of all my hard work. Basically, I spent two hours weeding approximately ten square feet. I don’t know what the weeds were exactly but they’re annoying as hell to pull out. There are about 30 roots per plant, each being about an inch and a half long. I had to use the hoe to get underneath them and yank them out. I filled three buckets with all that crap. My aunt brought over some beauty bark tonight though, so it’s going to be covered immediately. And then hopefully I won’t have to worry about the weeds so much anymore!

That’s actually really annoying because that was the one productive thing I did today. I’ll probably get the pictures tomorrow. I do have the picture of the garage I promised. It randomly arrived in my inbox at 4 AM. Take a look.


I know it looks messy, but it’s MUCH tidier than it was before. You can walk to the garage door without have to bend over backwards and do a summersault, while fighting off the spiders.

What’s new with my sister you ask? She’s decided she wants to go back to my dads. She’s leaving Sunday with no return date. My mom and I think she’s smoking again. The pipes she made disappeared without a trace, as did the pipe she had in her nightstand. She’s been acting really out of it lately. It’s really annoying because if you ask her something, she doesn’t seem to understand what you’re saying. Like her ears are ten miles away from her brain and they have to use light signals to convey the message. And the fact that she’s always texting despite the fact that you’re trying to have a conversation with her seriously slows down the process. My mom’s asked her several times if she was smoking again, and my sister is sticking adamantly to “no” but it’s clear that’s a lie. Her clothes smell like weed, but “that’s only because her friends are smoking around her”. That’s the story my mom was told anyway. My sister just better not turn into some crack whore and ruin my quiet reputation. I don’t want to be known as the sweet boy down the street with the bees and a drug addicted sister.