I don’t know why but I felt close to tears all day. It was really bizarre and annoying. I felt like I could’ve thought of a dying butterfly and sobbed my heart out for the next several hours. Thankfully I managed to not turn into a blubbering fool for no reason, and got things done. I started a load of laundry, and pruned most of the roses. Would you like to see a picture?


These all smell amazing, but 90% of the leaves are covered in brown spots, and they’re all starting to turn into sticks with flowers on them. I kept thinking of Alice in Wonderland and Painting the Roses Red, lol. Instead, I was chopping the roses dead. That rhyme didn’t flow so well. Well you all know it, I’m not meant to be a poet. Ok, haha, I’m done now.

An hour later, this is the result. I managed to fill an entire yard waste bin with the trimmings. I pruned several other roses in the back, to the same extent, but didn’t think to take pictures of them. I know these look bad now but with some Cow Tea (cow manure and water) and a bit of watering, I think they’ll do well. My neighbors use Cow Tea (theirs is a bit more potent than ours) and since the people before us left a garbage bin full of the stuff, I figured I might as well use it too. S said today that we can now see who will have the better flowers. The yard competition is on! I hope this means my mom will finally let me take out the lawn! *crosses fingers*

Oh and here’s a vase S made me put some of the roses in for my mom.

I got that cup in Hawaii… five years ago if memory serves.

After that I basically sat around outside all day. S and I talked A LOT. She was sort of helping me to prune my roses by telling me where to cut. She wanted to leave any late blooming things, so would tell me to cut off all of the dead stuff except for the one blossom. She’d say “alright, cut this one, this one, this one, and this one, but leave THIS one because it’s going to bloom. Even though the leaves are covered in brown spots.” I’d chop the whole branch back, hahaha. She would get surprised and act like I’d committed a major felony. It was rather funny. I’ve either managed to kill all of the roses, or they’re all going to go crazy and do splendidly. I’m thinking it’s the later because even when I abuse my plants they end up doing well. I have a climbing aloe that is intended for full sun. I repotted it and put it outside where the sun would be on it from dawn till dusk. It started to turn brown and then a grayish color because it came from the darkest corner of my room into the blistering heat of the summer sun. Finally after about a week I brought it back inside. It’s still alive and now has a new start on it. And it looks just as healthy as it did before I put it out.

…. Well I meant to show you a picture of what I did yesterday, which was reorganize the garage with my mom. But instead of sending it to my email, I seem to have managed to delete it. Which is very helpful. Ok so do you remember when my garage looked like this?

Well thanks to a neighborhood garage sale and several hours of hauling shit around, we now have a carpeted area that an actual person could stand in. With enough room to paint a bee hive, and house a lawn mower. I’m really close to being done with priming my beehive, but I still need to paint it. I was looking at it today (as I was priming part of it) and I realized that it’s actually kind of big. There are 10 frames per box, and I’ve got three boxes. Each frame has two sides, doubling the surface area for the bees to use. Each frame will be built upon to house brood and honey. As well as all the bees. The hive, when fully assembled, is over three feet high. That’s going to be full to bursting with honey bees. I don’t know why but today I made that realization and it kind of blew me away. And the fact that one tiny little insect (the queen) controls all that is just as mind-boggling.