1. I enjoy uncooked corn on the cob.
  2. I will eat smoked salmon without peeling off the scales/skin. I like the flavor, and all the nutrients is in the skin.
  3. I cry after watching Disney movies. On a regular basis.
  4. I’m allergic to tetracycline. And milk that’s been processed (whole milk is fine).
  5. Despite the fact that no one ever texts me, I check my phone at least every ten minutes, (unless I’m working in the yard).
  6. I think the idea of running as fast as I can through the woods in the middle of the night sounds amazing, but is something I doubt I’ll ever do.
  7. Any time I come in contact with water I HAVE to play with it. I can’t even water the flowers without getting distracted.
  8. I still call my mother “mommy” and sometimes even get a childish voice when talking to her. Lol. I’m a momma’s boy for sure.
  9. I find home made things fascinating. Because of this I intend to (eventually) start making all of my own bar soaps, jellies, and candles.
  10. My dogs are perhaps my best friends, and their personalities seem more genuine than a lot of people I know.