I think I must be growing or something because all I ever want to do is sleep. Or eat. I didn’t get out of bed until eleven today. My 9 (?) year old cousin had her first skating competition today, so we drove for about an hour to go and see it. Her performance was literally only one minute. Thankfully we ate before hand, I had a gyro and a quarter of my other cousins pizza, but we all went out for ice-cream after the competition as a special treat. I had a mango milkshake (it was AMAZING despite being from McDonalds) and wasn’t anywhere near full. I probably could’ve had several other items on the menu. I’d’ve been miserable for half an hour after, but at least I wouldn’t be hungry. I think “full” pains are better than hunger pains. That’s just my opinion. Somehow the minute long performance turned into a six hour day away from home. And only about an hour of that was actually spent with the performer.

We looked around in an antique shop for a while. I feel like I can’t ever go in antique shops because my love of old things becomes very hard to control. I swear, if things were priced $20 cheaper, I would’ve walked out with half the shop. They had half a dozen arbors as well as some REALLY cute wrought iron fencing. Not to mention all the other fun little “grow” things they had lying about. They had an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture. It was probably a little mini bar, but I don’t know for sure. It had hand carved flowers vining across its surface, and a solid piece of marble for a counter top. It was only $350. If we had that extra money, I would’ve made my mom buy it. They had a cute curio cabinet further in the store that was beautiful. It looked nicer than the one we have, and was bigger too. Plus it matched our piano. I kind of want to learn how to antique things. I think it’d be fun, and save me a fortune.

Once we finally made it home at 5:30, we set out in the garden. We planted the circle with the trumpet tree in it full of lilies. Then we watered everything. It’s all looking really happy out there. I’m getting more and more excited about my bees. I saw a single little honey bee out today, buzzing around the clover I’ve insisted we not weed out. How could I weed it out? Bees love it, it makes great honey, it’s a fun ground cover, and it adds nutrients to the soil. So, I’m not allowing my mother to remove it from the front lawn or the flower beds. So what if my yard doesn’t look “pristine” like the neighbors; I’m saving money on ground covers, and feed my bees at the same time. Urgh; you know the song California Girls? It’s been stuck in my head literally all day. At first I had Race Car Ya Yas and then we went to McDonalds which was playing it over top of the TV. Why does McDonalds even have a TV? It was really kind of annoying. It wasn’t even the McDonalds cartoon, just infomercials about nothing. It was an unfortunate switch in Music though, because I actually like Race Car Ya Yas. And Katty Perry shouldn’t sing.

My neighbors were gone all day at a memorial. F’s aunt passed away. They came home while we were out in the front and swerved towards me like they were going to hit me. I just stood there and stuck my tongue out at them. I always stick my tongue out at my mom and S finds it funny, so whenever I can do it to them I do. Lol. They chatted with us for quite a while. The black cat didn’t come around today, unfortunately. I was kind of hoping to see him again. Tiramisu sounds really good right now. I don’t know why I’m craving that all of the sudden. Especially since I had a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie and two bowls of ice cream maybe an hour ago.