I’m going to try and make this a quick post because my internet is acting funny.

Today I felt completely drained. I didn’t even get out of bed until 10:45, and it felt like 8. A stray black cat came to the house around 4 am and the dogs went berserk. They woke the entire house up. The dogs were what woke me up at 10:45; the cat was still out there. I went outside to shoo it out of the yard so the dogs could be let out. It was much too friendly and wouldn’t go anywhere. Finally I just picked him up and walked around with him. He was super friendly and cute and probably only a year or two old. He was all black and hadn’t been fixed. He had a collar though. It looked like it’d been sand blasted. I almost wanted to adopt him on the spot, but put him down and let him go. He went to the neighbors and sat in their raised garden. He was SO CUTE! His little head poked out from under their tomato plant, so all you could see was his face. S came out to see what was going on, and thought he was cute too. She tried to squirt him with the hose to get him to leave though.

I told my mom about it and she thinks we should adopt him. “Anytime a black cat has ever adopted me it’s been good luck.” She wants to leave some food out for him and make sure he’s taken care of. He won’t be allowed inside though since he’s not fixed. I think S should adopt him. She’s been taking care of Albus so much; she might as well have a cat to officially call her own. And she really wants a pet even though she’ll never admit it. Every time the dogs are out she comes over to the fence to say hello to them. She feeds our cat (and waters it now too because I teased her about how dehydrated Albus had been looking) as well as her other neighbors cat. She’s home alone all day until F gets home, although about a dozen people call her to check in. She could use a little furry companion. I hope the black cat comes back tomorrow though. He was a sweetie!

Once I finally got motivated to do something around 3, I went outside and watered the front yard. S came out and started edging, and then I went in and painted one of the boxes for my hive. Once that was done I decided to thin out the White Bell flowers, and get two clumps to S. I then took some into the front yard and planted it in the place where we first took out the juniper. Then I decided I would enjoy some more daisies, so I moved some of those out to the front as well. Daisies are supposed to add nutrients to the soil. Plus they’re kind of pretty. I’ve sort of found a new appreciation for them actually. I’ve been seeing them in larger and larger patches, and am realizing I’d greatly enjoy a few large clumps of them in the yard.

Oh and before I forget, I’ve got to tell you the latest bit of scandalous news about my sister. She no longer smokes pot (officially) but she’s started making pipes out of large pop cans. She made one right in front of me today. My mom is in her room all the time, and the pop/pipes are just sitting there out in the open and she hasn’t noticed. I’m in there for five minutes and watch one get made. She’s going to start selling them for $5-10. I’m not sure whether I should tell my mom, because at this point it’d just feel like tattling. Maybe tomorrow. I probably should’ve told her tonight, but whatever. And besides, as soon as I tell her all she’s going to talk about is my sister. I kind of miss not having her drama lol. Maybe she should go back down to my dads for a week. I feel like I can only deal with her for a few days, and then I need a break.