Perhaps the most notable thing that happened today was getting coffee with HL. My mom called it a date which was rather annoying. We went and got coffees at Starbucks, then walked to ACE to get a job application for her (they weren’t hiring) and then drove 20 minutes out to the college in the hopes that she might still be able to do running start. She wasn’t. So we basically wasted an hour driving. Which made the get-together a two hour thing. She dropped me off after that, and I began planting things. I didn’t take a picture of that for some reason, but I managed to get a picture of the front yard.

The plant in the circle is a trumpet tree. Peach colored. The far back row is giant sunflowers alternating with ornamental corn. The middle row is smaller sunflowers with millet grass. The front row is short yellow flowers alternating with purple flowers I can’t remember the name of. Everything dries out really quickly because the soil is poor, and everything came in really small pots. So we’ll probably have to water twice a day.

The rest of the day was pretty much a wash. I spent… way too long playing on the computer. I’m considering starting to listen to some Italian language teaching tapes. I was watching a show today that had some Spanish dialect, and realized I was starting to forget the meaning of some words. So I’d like to switch to Italian while the meanings are still fresh enough to be useful, but not engrained into my head so much that I can’t learn a different language.

Tomorrow I’ve decided I’m going to unplug my computer and get things done. I’ve got to water ALL of the indoor plants (a 2+ hour task), haul some boxes and a trunk up to the attic, and my mom wants my sister and I to take EVERYTHING out of the garage so we can put a carpet down and then put everything back in on top of it. Then after that I’ve got to prime/paint my beehive. It’s gonna be a LONG day. Pray for me.

Amazingly I did go for a walk in the evening with my mom and sister. We passed this house that we drove by several times while we were looking at houses. The yard is full of plants. And when I say full, I mean you can’t even see the ground. There are two houses actually; they’re across the street from one another. It’s kind of funny because they seem to be in competition with on each other to see who can have the most flowers. One house has a yard that you can smell all the way down the street, and the other has such bright colors you have to shield your eyes when looking at it. They’re both absolutely beautiful.

The one with the bright flowers has a giant plant that looks like a pre-historic artichoke. The leaves are huge, with spikes sticking out on the underside and stems. It stands taller than I do. I’d love to ask both houses for some seeds/ starts. There were some really pretty flowers growing in the cracks of the street; that’s how full their yards are. I’m sure they could spare some seeds at least. My only trouble is going and asking. Do you think they would believe me if I said I wanted some? A 16 year old guy walking up to your front door asking about flowers is a little out of the ordinary. Don’t you think?