I doubt any of you know what this game is, but I started playing it again and remember how truly addicting it can be. It’s called Starcraft, it’s a 90s game, and it revolves around strategy. I managed to play it for almost four hours straight today without even realizing. I looked at the clock thinking I would get off the computer and go outside in half an hour, and then suddenly two had gone by. And then I figured I would finish the level. And then I looked again and since it I was almost 2, I might as well play to the hour. And then I looked again at it was 2:30, so I figured I’d played for so long anyway, might as well keep going. I finally managed to get off at 3. basically you start out as the humans, and you have to defend against alien invaders. Then you have to get other aliens to start fighting the current aliens so you don’t have to. Only those double cross you so you die. Then you play from the first alien’s perspective. And then the second. I love the seconds because of how their buildings function and several of their weapons are fun to use. Sorry, I’m a little addicted at the moment.

Due to all that playing, my room is in disarray. The floor is a mess, the bed might as well have been made by rats, the plants are wilting, my desk is disappearing under paper; its chaos in here. I’m going to try and get out of bed and actually clean before HL comes over to get me tomorrow. I almost forgot we were getting together to be honest. Much as I enjoy her company, I don’t enjoy visiting for too long. I get tired of people really easily actually. So hopefully our “date” will go quickly. Even though it was super sweet of her to actually invite me to do something. Several of my friends said “lets hang out” but HL is the only one who actually remembered. And we talked about it in third quarter, almost four months ago. Lol.

Despite getting out into the yard late today, I did manage to get a few little things done before my mom came home. I planted some more trailing mint, which smells so strong you can smell it several feet away. And it’s not even an half an inch tall. I stopped the dogs from killing a squirrel. A stupid flippin squirrel decided it would be a good idea to climb into the cherry blossom tree. The tree that Kira can climb into without any effort. So Kira raced up the tree after the squirrel, which was forced into a position where if it fell, it would fall into the open jaws of Sam. Sam and Buttercup just stood underneath the tree barking, occasionally circling the tree. Finally it got to the point where I had to pick Kira up, grab Buttercup by the scruff, and knee Sam in the chest to get them all inside. It was a momma squirrel, so I was not about to have the death of babies on my conscience.

Maybe an hour later I went next door to let my neighbor’s dogs out. Everything was find and dandy. I went back home and started talking on the phone with my mom who had just called. All of the sudden, Buttercup starts barking like crazy and I walked outside just in time for F to shout that Kira had gotten out of the yard. I went over to where she usually gets out and saw here up on J’s driveway. I called her over but she just cowered under the shrubs, staying just out of reach but not going anywhere else for fear of loosing her life once I caught her. I had to climb up the rocks, fish around under the shrubs, AND talk on the phone to my mom all at the same time. It was very irritating because my mom wouldn’t shut up. She kept asking where Kira was and if I’d got her, and then kept trying to tell me what to do, as if I were listening. I just felt like hanging up, or telling her to shut the hell up. And then I wanted to talk to the neighbors who were outside watching the whole thing, but she wouldn’t stop telling me about what she’d bought at the grocery store. She drives me a little nuts sometimes.

She made up for it by coming home with another round of plants though. While she was on the phone she was like “willow, I have a serious problem.” Me: “… Oh my god what did you buy now.” Her: “well I went to the nursery (the one I applied at) and everything was half off so I couldn’t leave empty handed. Here’s what she bought.

Giant sunflowers, medium sunflowers, and then small sunflowers that don’t have the cute black center. Ornamental corn grass, a type of grass whose seeds go into bird food, a trumpet tree, and then some broad leaved tropical lookin plants I can’t remember the names of.

We spent about two hours in the front yard moving things around and planting all of this, but by the time we were done it was dark out. And then of course the neighbors came over to “cheer us on” once we were done, so we talked with them for maybe half an hour. I’ll definitely take a picture of it tomorrow, because I’ve got to go around and water the 20 plus things we planted. I told you my mother and I have an illness. It’s very hereditary. It’s really bad when things are on sale AND are good for the bee’s and the birds. The guy at the nursery knew exactly who my mom was though, and knew that we were related. I guess they talked about me, and he said that they still had my information on file. So hopefully that means something for the future! My mom also told him that I’m getting bees, which he found really exciting. I don’t know about you, but I feel like having a beehive shows that I’m pretty interested in nature… and belong in a nursery.