Ok so my mom took part of today off. She went to work until noon, and then came home with a friend following her (she took the pool off our hands so we now have two square feet more space in the garage). She came home early to take me to the college so I could enroll. All we had to do was turn in some paper work. It took less than 15 minutes, and that includes walking from the parking lot, waiting in line, and going back to the car. All we did was hand her the paper work, and then got back the pieces she didn’t need. I’ll be getting a packet in the mail during the beginning of September. I can’t pick any of my classes until I meet with my high school councilor, which I can’t do until school starts.

I did manage to get a few things done before my mom got home. I planted several things. Of course, most of them were scattered about the yard, so you can’t really tell I did that much unless you lived here. Thankfully everything we added is bright and colorful; my yard is mostly green. I planted some bright red things, some oranges, and some reddish oranges. Plus I planted five more verbenas out in the front where the juniper used to be. We need something to hold up the dirt there, and verbena smells delicious and looks much prettier than juniper. So we planted enough to ensure it fills in quickly. Plus the bees will probably enjoy it too. I planted several daisy type things, as well as some cone-flower like things, and oddly enough there were more butterflies and bumblebees in the yard than usual. Hopefully that means I’m on the right track.

Once we were home from the college, F came over and showed me how to turn on the sprinklers. We really need a new timer system, as well as some new sprinkler heads. Unfortunately we’re spending all our money on plants, and can’t afford new watering technology to water them. So I’m probably just going to need to water by hand for the next few years. Which isn’t a terrible thing. Oh, I have a picture of the beans I start ever so long ago.

All of the plants at the bottom of the picture are volunteer tomatoes. We didn’t plant any of them. The beans are taller than I am, and I’ve had to add new things for them to grow on several times. I have no idea what the large shrubby thing in the back is. It’s got tiny little pink flowers, but no name.

This snap dragon came up from under the beans not too long ago. This was also a volunteer. It’s kind of funny what we’ve got growing “wild” in our yard. I’m debating giving it to S because she said she loves snap dragons.

After the sprinklers were semi figured out, my aunts and two cousins came over for a family dinner. It was our first real family get-together at this house, so it was kind of exciting. My mom made Greek. We got pita, chicken, feta cheese, the cucumber sauce I can’t remember the name of at the moment, lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies, and then some sliced potatoes with herbs sprinkled over them. It was really good. I managed to be uncomfortably full. Last night we had XXX hamburgers for dinner, and they were so greasy that my liver was actually hurting me this morning. So I planned on not eating all day, so I could flush out my system, but my mom offered dairy queen to me and I couldn’t resist. So I had another hamburger at two in the afternoon. That being my first meal of the day, my stomach wasn’t prepared for eating as much as I did.

Anyway, I’m still alive. As well as exhausted. Good night.