Although I didn’t manage a picture of the plants I bought yesterday, I did get a picture of the plants I bought today.

I truly think I have an illness. My mom got in the car once they were all loaded and was like “you know you’re enabling me right?” I laughed and said “you know you’re enabling ME?!”  Thankfully we’re buying things that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, which means that bees will love them too. And a lot of this was $5 or less so we only spent $88 dollars today.

I only planted four things from yesterdays shopping spree. It’s hard planting things without my mom being home because if I plant it in a place she doesn’t agree with then I get in trouble and have to dig up the plant (which isn’t good for it) to move it. Thankfully my mom’s going to come home around noon tomorrow so we can go register for college. She’s going to take a class on Excel and I’m going to take Italian, History, and a botany class if I can manage. I decided on taking Italian because not only is it the language of my people, but it’s similar enough to Spanish that I should be ok learning it. I’m really bad with second languages, and I really didn’t want to take Spanish 101 (because there’s no way I could keep up with second year). So hopefully those classes are all available and I don’t have to struggle to get this whole college thing to work. Like I do everything else in my life.

My sister was gone all day today, surprise surprise. She was home until 1 and then I never heard from her again. We got her at 9 after our shopping spree. She still hasn’t changed her ways of communication. We were supposed to pick her up at an elementary school “at the swings” but she was no where to be found. We called her and she said several times that she was in front of the school. We were parked next to the side walk in front of the school and there was no one in sight. She even started getting snippy with us for no reason. Five minutes later she comes walking around a corner a block away.  When she finally got in the car my mom asked her where she had been because she said she was in front of the school. She had been at a park on the swings, which was “in front of the school” in that it was a block away from the entrance. Sometimes my sister really has no clue about anything.

Oh, I did do one thing that was productive today. I spray painted the lid of my bee hive which is metal (you put it on the in winter) because it got scratched and would’ve rusted. It took me about two hours because of drying time but I got several coats on and it doesn’t look too bad. One less thing that needs doing! I do still need gloves though and I completely forgot the place that B told me about. I’m going to text him tomorrow anyway though because I want to know how the bees are doing. I should be getting them sometime next week or the week after. I just hope they do well in the yard! I’ve been trying to get plants they like and that will spread. I find plants that don’t reproduce, very annoying. If they aren’t going to go to seed, make more bulbs, or shoot out new runners, then I find no point in wasting my money on it. Unless of course it’s a shrub which is a different thing. I think with this sudden increase in pollinators though, the plants in the neighborhood will be hard-pressed not to reproduce like crazy.