Today was rather bizarre. It started out cloudy, and in the mid 70’s. The air was so moist in fact that my bed was damp when I woke up because I left my fans on all night. All the sheets were slightly cooled and the air was an annoying consistency that left your skin feeling sticky if you moved. After I showered and dressed, my mom and I drove down to get my sister. I’ve been meaning to talk about her for a while now, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Anyway, my sister had originally intended to stay down at my dads for the entire summer. After several heated, intense discussions about the past, she’s decided that home might really be the better option. I don’t know anything about the discussions except that several of them revolved around his violent behaviors and around me. I’m curious as to what was said during the talks, but at the same time I almost don’t want to know because I’ll end up wanting to expand the conversation. So I’m not going to bother asking her about anything, and she won’t tell me unless I do, so I guess I’ll never know.

When we finally got her up into our neighborhood, we took her over to her friend’s house as a surprise. My mom coordinated with him so that he was all packed and ready to spend the night. He’s the annoying one I always talk about. Anyway, once my sister and her friend saw each other they ran at each other like in the movies, and then he jumped into her arms. She actually started crying and just held him up the air for a while. It was supper cheesy but funny at the same time. After the tears were dried we went to the store and then made it home. I spent the entire time texting, and oddly enough managed talking to four people at the same time. All of whom contacted me first. Usually I have to contact someone if I want to talk, so it was kind of surprising that suddenly so many people were interested in me.

Once home I made lunch (tuna fish sandwiches) and was invited to go for coffee with HL. I know three H’s. HW is the one I usually text all the time and have mentioned on here several times. I don’t talk to HC anymore, but we used to be really close. I think I mentioned her once a while back. She went down to Oregon with me a few summers ago. HL was in my math class with me last year and is a really neat person. She’s SUPER chill all the time. I never feel stressed around her at all. She kind of reminds me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter actually. She’s not quite as out there as that, but she’s pretty close. You would think she’s on some kind mellowing drug if you talked with her, but as far as I know she’s never done anything. I love talking with her; she would sit and talk with you for hours about a single blade of grass and be completely interested and entertained. We almost hung out but conflicting times ended up canceling the get-together. We’re going to get coffees on Thursday instead.

After lunch, my mom and I went to Lowes to get a few things for around the house, and then some plants for the back yard. I made a very long list of things especially for bees as well as things that add nutrients to the soil, and ended up not finding any of it. Did that stop us from spending over $120 on plants? Nope. We came home with well over a dozen things, some of which has already been planted. We did find the “bee bush” though which I was really excited about. We call it the bee bush because bees are always on it. It’s a fair sized shrub when full grown and blooms tight clusters of blue flowers. It’s finished blooming for the year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t keep growing for next year! We also bought a really pretty chocolate-brown/red looking thing that is really pretty and the only plant in the yard anywhere near its color. It blooms red and hummingbirds love it. We’re thinking of going back and getting two more, since my mom was set on getting three day lilies and three yellow lilies. Pictures tomorrow for sure!