I really need to get back in the habit of taking naps because I’m completely exhausted. I spent he entire day way up north visiting my grandpa. They always do car shows in/around his town so we got to see some of the old cars, plus there was a fair parade thing. It was fun, and really hot. Several hours in full son 80+ degree weather. Thankfully we bought me some new shorts and some Crocs because otherwise I would’ve been miserable. We found a stand that sold homemade soaps and it really made me want to find some recipes so I could make some soap. I find homemade things really fun and cool, and despite the fact that I’m horrible at cooking and construction and the lot, I really want to get into making my own stuff. I.e. soaps, butter, ice-cream, candles, jams/jellies, and whatever else I can come up with. I think I’m slowly getting my mother to come around to the idea of making our own soaps. We have lavender and a bunch of other stuff, and anything we don’t have we can find pretty quickly.

We meant to go to the nursery today and cross things off my plant list, but it didn’t happen. We pretty much spent the entire day out at my grandpa’s. We found these really fun, odd, creative hotdog roasters. They’re golf clubs with the club part cut off, and a fork nailed on in its place. They’re longer than most other roasters and have a nice grip to them. Lol. We got four for my aunt’s family; we figured they’d appreciate them. Which they did. They found it funny. My uncle even found use for it tonight; using it as a kind of golf club to hit a banana slug off the deck. Thankfully he only “putted” it and didn’t smash it all over the place. I felt bad for the slug, especially since I love banana slugs, but it was super funny to watch him actually get into a golf stance and flick it off the deck.

*random tangent* I just noticed how shiny certain keys on my key board are, while others are dull. It’s odd how you can see how much I use certain keys. For instance, I and O are perfectly smooth and shiny while K and W are practically untouched. Sorry, I find this sort of fascinating at the moment. You can tell I’m tired lol. A full day in the hot sun walking around isn’t good for people. I’m completely zonked. In fact, I think I’m going to go to bed and save you from reading about how certain parts of my mouse are shiny. Lol.