Luckily the only repeating number I saw today was 11:11. Have you begun to notice my writing style shifting? I feel like the more I write, the worse I sound. It’s bizarre to me that I can write A papers and still sound like a six year old when I blog. I suppose that’s because all I ever do is complain about my day, but still.

Ok, I’m going to have to make this short because for whatever reason my eye lids have decided that now is the appropriate time to close. Despite the fact that I’m still very awake.

My house felt like it was warmer than yesterday. The thermostat we have now is really old and needs to be replaced. It’s an inefficient piece of technology. It’s basically two glass tubes with a blob of (what I’m going to call) mercury (even though that’s not what it is) in each. The mercury heats up and expands, and depending on the tilt of the tube, passes underneath a metal rod. The touch creates a spark which then turns on the furnace. Sounds like it’d be fine and dandy, right? You have to turn the thermostat up and down again to get the thing to start, and even then it only works some of the time. I dismantled the thing earlier, and got it working for about an hour. It only cooled the house… three degrees, and then shut off. Waste of my time.

I’m going out to my grandfathers tomorrow for a visit and to see a car show. I have a feeling the heat is going to be miserable. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through. Hopefully we can leave early and get home to the dogs. The bathroom gets really hot because the glass block acts as a magnifying-glass. I’ll set it up so a fan blows cool air in there for them. I just feel sorry because it’s going to be miserable for them in there. Hopefully the AC fixes itself by then.

I’m going to bed, I’m practically sleep-blogging anyway.

Oh and by the way, we drove out to the college today to turn in my paper work and get me officially enrolled in Running Start. It took us 45minutes to get there. They’d been closed for three and a half hours by the time we made it to the door. It was wonderful. We’re going to try again on Monday.