According to the thermometer out on the back patio it was 110 degrees out today. Mind, it sits in full sun for a good chunk of the day. But still, it was HOT. I didn’t even bother wasting time and as soon as I got up I took our four large fans down from the attic. I positioned one in my room where I had the TV so that it moves air throughout the entire room. And then I positioned my small green fan in front of the bay window to help make the air circulate instead of just get pushed around. The next three fans were placed at the edge of the kitchen/dinning room, next to the fireplace, and on top of the piano. Everything was set to high. And then I went and turned the AC on to 78. I didn’t want it to be too low because otherwise it would’ve just run all day, and with the fans it was bearable. Before I started all that though it was 82. And that was at 11 AM.

I’ve mentioned to you all before that I see a lot of repeating numbers. Today was REALLY bad. I saw 8 repeating numbers today. I was up late and saw 1:11 AM. Sasammygirl commented at 4:44 pm the day before, but I only saw the comment today. I was still up at 2:22. Then, when I woke up later in the day, my sister sent me a text at 11:11. I again saw 1:11 (this time PM). Then came 02:02. And shortly after 03:03. Not long after that there was 4:44. All in all I saw 8 repeating numbers, seeing two of those numbers twice. It was kind of bizarre how I kept seeing them. Every time I looked at the clock there was repetition. And then there were several times where I looked a minute after a repeating number. I know it sounds like the ramblings of the insane, partly because it is, but I really felt the need to point it out because I was shocked at how many numbers I saw. I usually only get two or three repetitions in a day, so 8 was a little extreme. It’s odd to think that there are even that many repeating numbers on a clock.

Due to the heat, I did absolutely nothing today. I wore my only pair of shorts to the lake yesterday, and they got soaking wet so I had to wash them today. Leaving me sweltering in jeans and a t-shirt. I barely moved from the couch, where I was able to catch a breeze from two of the most powerful fans and still watch TV. The dogs spent most of the day lying around as well, and they would start panting if they even lifted their head at the sound of a passing car. Sam wouldn’t even go outside to go potty a few times; he’d just stand at the edge of the open door and look out like it was pouring down rain. Which, unfortunately, it didn’t do. Rain would’ve been really nice today. I wish the weather would even it’s self out over the year. Just a nice constant 76 degrees.

My room, being the highest point in the house, is a sauna at the moment. I’ve opened up both my bay windows and pointed one fan out and one fan in. The tiny green fan is nearest me and is facing outside, in an attempt to suck all the hot air my computer is making out doors. The tall fan is standing in front of the other window and is blowing a nice constant stream of cool air all the way across my room. It feels like all the hot air in the house is coming up here because of this cooling system. Blech, I’m going to bed. Hopefully I can escape the heat in my dreams.