It’s funny because I never actually told my dad happy birthday. I think he’s finally started to figure out that I don’t like him or want a relationship with him. He knows not to say anything to me. My sister and I talked quite a bit, because she’s on the fritz with my dad as well, and apparently the only reason she’s down here is to loose weight. She’s always had body image issues, but it’s still surprising to me that she would put herself through living with my dad to loose the weight. She said that at home she gets off track so this is the only place she can be. I tried to convince her to come back home because my mom is really starting to miss her. She might be coming home soon because down here is annoying.

My dad barely talks to either of us. There was no point in my coming down here. His girlfriend is kind of starting to annoy me because she’s got that girly ditzy air about her. She giggles like a school girl and sang along with Miley Cyrus’s Can’t Be Tamed. She’s 42 at least. That and she’s CONSTANTLY around. We went to the lake today. I spent an hour out on the water kayaking in full sun and had to lie down because I didn’t feel good. We came home to change and then she showed up to join us for diner. No one else came, except my aunt and uncle because they’re the only one’s who know about my dad’s girlfriend. It’s annoying actually. I can’t just go say hello about my grandparents because if I do my dad will tell them about her and then I’ll never get to visit. It will be all about him.

Forgive me if I’m a little selfish for wanting to talk with my grandparents who probably won’t live to see me graduate. I think I’m going to ask to see them tomorrow. And I’ll be the little shit full of attitude my dad hates and say I don’t want to make it about his girlfriend. I’ll probably even have to do it with her in the car, hahahaha. We’ll see what she has to say. She probably won’t enjoy being swept under the rug again, and by her boyfriends son no less. After two years I’m sure it’s starting to get old. If she says anything to me about it though, she’s going to be an earful. If she thinks she can stand in the way of me seeing my grandparents and start making decisions for the house, she better watch out because both my sister and I will put her in check REAL quick.