So today I went down to my dads. Sorry for not properly informing you, I wasn’t sure what time I was leaving. It was a complete waste coming down here. I didn’t even get to see my grandparents. I think I’m going to make my dad take me to see them. I don’t care if tomorrow is his birthday; it’s rude not to let me see them. We came home and my dad left immediately to do one little thing for work. An hour later he was home again and then he took a nap. My sister and I played rock band for four hours straight and decided to start the Never Ending Playlist. Which is basically a thing where you play every song in the fame without any breaks. After four hours my sister and I were only halfway though. So we decided to call it quits and paused the game. I’m sure we’ll finish tomorrow.

Wednesday cannot come fast enough let me tell you! I’m going to be slitting my wrists tomorrow. The day will revolve entirely around my father and anything he wants. His girlfriend spent most of the day over here. It was kind of annoying because I feel like she’s over here a bit too much. I know they’re pretty much getting married and all (I’m dreading the day I get invited to the wedding, and pray my father has enough sense not to make me his best man) but I feel like she’s being forced onto us so that we get along and have a decent relationship. I’m serious when I say that I don’t really care so long as she doesn’t mess with my inheritance.

My dad barely said anything to me today. It was kind of funny actually. I texted all through dinner, and he didn’t say anything. I guess he’s been bugging my sister about her texting habits, so my sister started teasing me about it. It was funny because we made several jokes at each other throughout the evening revolving around things my father has said or done, but he was so entranced by his girlfriend that he didn’t even hear us.