Today really didn’t feel like the fourth at all. It rained on and off several times (which is apparently normal), so we mostly remained indoors. I spent today at my aunts, with both my aunts, my older cousin in college, my uncle, my mom, as well as my pregnant cousin and her husband. I was so full by the end of the day that I was uncomfortable and needed to come home. I ate about a half a jar of pickles, pasta salad, a chicken breast, spinach salad, TWO hamburgers, pie, a bunch of grapes, cherries, and potato salad. And I ate that throughout the course of about… four hours, never taking a real break from eating.

My cousin’s husband was in the world’s largest Ultimate Frisbee tournament today, and let me tell you, those fields REAKED of BO. I honestly couldn’t breath. And then my cousin’s husband came over, sat UP wind of us, and took off his shoes. I was doing everything I could not to gag. There are a few reasons I don’t play sports. One, the guys on almost every team are assholes. Two, I’m not a fan of running, jumping, and or doing prolonged physical activity. Three, I’m not coordinated. And four, I HATE sweating. If I even start to sweat I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to make sure I cool down. I HATE it. blech. It feels gross, it smells gross, it looks gross. NO. Not for me, thank you.

We didn’t light off any fire works. Which is really odd for my family because my mom is completely addicted to them. We have a huge “cake” that’s so big it has to be at least 500ft from buildings. Now, do you think that while we live in city limits we can light that thing off? Nope. So it sit’s in our garage, collecting dust and getting old. The view from our house was nice, despite the fact that you couldn’t see much through the rain. It set an odd mood that make me imagine what the war would’ve looked like however many years ago. I feel bad that I don’t even know what year we gained our independence. It was in the 1700’s right? Any history buffs out there know? They don’t really bring it up in schools anymore so… yeah. I haven’t heard anything about it since… fifth grade at the earliest. So over five years since it was officially presented to me at school? Yeah, don’t you love our school systems?

Anyway, hope everyone had a happy fourth. I know I enjoyed stuffing myself full!