Today with the family was fun. My mom, aunt, cousin (aunts daughter) and pregnant cousin all went out to the woods to steal relocate a few things. We ended up bringing back three types of plants, and hopefully they all take. They’re nice thick ground covers so it’ll be nice to have a few less feet of garden to weed. Plus they all bloom, so more honey for me! We drove around the neighborhood behind our house and I realized that I’m not going to have any trouble getting honey. There are NO pollinators around and everyone’s yards are full of flowers. I think once I get my backyard gets fully functional I’ll rip of my front lawn and start a real attempt at an English garden. I LOVE English gardens. They’re absolutely beautiful. And they’re a FULL garden, not something that has plants every couple of feet like most manicured lawns. I like a full, organic looking garden. I see dirt and I think “wasted space”. Not to mention, that’s more space you’ve got to weed.

Anyway, hanging with family was fun. My mom managed to take a two hour nap once we got home from the woods. After she woke up we went back over to my aunts (we were only supposed to plant the things we took and then go back). It was lots of fun. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, complete with a homegrown salad from our yard and a couple of homemade pies from my aunt. We did the usual talking and then decided to have a camp fire outside. Which we enjoyed for several hours.

Ok, I don’t exactly know how I’m going to post for the next few days. I’m going to my dads on the fifth because his birthday is the sixth. But I’ll have to stay for his whole birthday, so I won’t be home until the seventh. Which means two nights of not posting, and two nights of being with my dad. I’m not sure which is more of a punishment. Pray for me though, because the entire time I’m down there my dads girlfriend will be there. They’re pretty much getting married so I’m going to have to “get to know her” and socialize and be friendly. I don’t like to do that at my dads. I like to do my time and get out. I’m not there to make friends; I’m there because I have to go to look like a good child who cares about his dad. Which is very annoying.

I hate having to act so things look appropriate or whatever they need to look like. It’s like, I don’t really like you, or ever want to talk to you or see you again, so why should I bother to pretend and come down for your birthday. I hate niceties. Anyone in that family who paid an ounce of attention would see that I hate being down there. But, because I GO down there, I appear to care. And it’s that fact that’s keeping me in the will of my grandparents and my father. It’s that fact that ensures once my father dies, I’ll never have to work. Hahaha. Well, as long as his girlfriend doesn’t try and take it. Because we WILL have problems if she does. She’ll pretty much be sued for everything she owns, and then some. And she’ll be expunged from the family. And my sister would kill her. lol. Lesson: don’t take the money people have suffered for years for away from them. Because there will be consequences.