Today was… unproductive. I’m on the last episode of Weeds, which is really annoying because I’ll have to wait a whole year before the sixth season is available. Unless I can find it online somewhere. I’m at the point in Spore where I could play for ten days and get no where. In the space stage of Spore your goal is to make it to the center of the universe. The only problem is that to do that, you have to go star to star and destroy EVERY settlement of the enemy (and they are always the enemy) colonies. There’s no way to get around it. I guess I haven’t tried flying non-stop to the center, usually because I loose half my life before I’m even a quarter of the way in. AND all the while you’ve got to be able to reach your own colonies quickly incase there is an eco disaster or pirates attack. It’s VERY annoying.

Lol. Anyway. I went to see Avatar: The Last Airbender tonight. It was crap. The lines were crap, the acting was crap, it was crap. They switched a few things up in the story for no reason, tried to make things seem serious but the bad acting and terrible lines made them failed attempts, and pronounced the names wrong. Sokka (saw-ka) was so-ka, Iro (i-row) was an odd confusion of hi and… I don’t remember how they said it but it was really annoying, and Aang (ay-ng [or bang without the B]) was ah-ng-uh. My mom loved it and wants to see it again. I don’t understand that at all. We went out for dinner after the movie, and for dessert we had tiramisu. YUM. I swear, the only way to get me to consume alcohol is if it’s smothered in sugar. I could NOT get enough of it. I ate half the thing before my mom and my cousin could take a bite. It was seriously orgasmic.

I’m getting kind of tired of waiting for my bees. I would like them NOW. I could’ve ordered some for a lot cheaper and had them last week. Instead I’m paying close to $100 and won’t get them until the end of the month. Bother bother bother. The hive still isn’t painted; my mom won’t give me an exact answer anytime I ask her where the paint is. In the garage is her usual answer. I keep asking her to just go get it for me but that doesn’t help either. I could really use some more tiramisu right about now. Rum and chocolate and sugar are yummy. Tiramisu and cherry cordial please. I’d be drunk in about ten minutes. I think maybe some mead would be good too. I do actually enjoy wine. It’s sweet yet fiery. And it’s much classier than beer.

There are people down the street who keep lighting fireworks. It’s SOOOOO annoying. It’s 11:30 at night, everyone’s trying to go to sleep, and these assholes are blowing things up. It’s not even the fourth yet. And this is a residential area! The dogs keep going crazy. URGH! “Someone’s head will roll for this!” Name the movie I just quoted! Sorry, I’m bored, hahaha.

Oh, side note. I’m FORCING my mother to take me to the woods and help me steal groundcovers. I will kill her if she doesn’t. She won’t let me buy things because “we can find it in the woods for free” and then says that we’ll go get some stuff soon, but NEVER takes me. So finally, I’ve got nothing but time and it’s the holiday weekend so no one’s going to be out in the woods. Or maybe they are. But we’re not going to get reported because we’re good people and no one actually cares. I keep hitting the keys that would have the punctuation stuff on my phone keyboard. It’s making typing this very interesting. Random M’s keep appearing and I keep having to go back and fix them.

Oh AND I reached 10,000 views today! yay me!