Ok so I took my assessment test today. The reading and writing were easy. I scored an 89 on the writing, in half the time it’s supposed to take to finish. I scored a 99 on the reading. I finished ten minutes early on that. The math was a different story. I scored an 84 in Pre Algebra (9th grade math for the kids who need help learning), taking five minutes longer than I should have. I scored a 56 on the Algebra (9th and 11th grade regular math), taking ten minutes longer than I should have. And I scored a 23 on the College Algebra finishing two minutes early. I guess on almost every problem. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. There was a problem that was like: log 4 log 3 log     and then gave a list of log #’s. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????!!!! I’ve never heard of “log” before. The question didn’t ASK me anything, it just gave me that little bit of nothing and then expected me to somehow know the answer. And there were several other problems that had half the alphabet in them, twice over! I didn’t even bother to read those problems. I just clicked the longest answer and moved on.

In short, I get to take Running Start. I can take math at the college; I’ll just need to take a high school level course. I think I’ll take math and science at my high school, and then language arts and history and a botany class at the college. I’ll probably wait on the botany though. Actually, if I planned it right. I could make it so I didn’t have to even go to school until like noon. Of course, I now have to get my license. Which I’m dreading. I think I’ve developed a complete phobia of it now. Every time I even think about getting behind the wheel I feel like I’ve jumped into a frigid lake and I can’t breathe. Do you think I could ride a bike the thirty plus miles to the college and back everyday? Plus the mile and a half to school? I’d certainly get some muscle tone. Especially from lugging all my books around with me. Yikes; I can’t even imagine.

My mom really annoyed me today. We hardly ever get to talk about anything because she doesn’t get home until 6. So today, when I was actually trying to have a conversation with her, what was she doing? Messing with her phone and texting my sister. Who, by the way, is completely bored out of her mind because she doesn’t have any stoner-friends to hang with, so she’ll probably be home before the end of the month. And then all she could say to me while I was talking to her was “your sister’s bored Willow, I just don’t know what to do”. Umm… Do you not see that I don’t care? Is it not obvious to you that I’m trying to talk to you about things that pertain to me and the house and that every time you change the subject to my sister I get annoyed? I honestly don’t understand how my mother can be so absolutely CLUELESS as to how I’m feeling.

All I want to do is plan where to plant the honeysuckle and where to put the cherry blossom, both of which have been in pots for as long as I can remember, and are taller than me. She wouldn’t hardly talk to me at all. Anytime I tried to ask something she’d go on about her new phone or how my sister is bored. Finally I just stopped talking all together, and she didn’t even notice that I was irritated. I swear, all I’d need to do if I wanted her attention badly enough would be to show up with a bag of pot and say how bad my self esteem is. THEN she’d drop everything and talk to me. I probably wouldn’t be able to blog for a few days, but then again, she wouldn’t notice. I’m kind of a hard kid to punish because most of the things I do aren’t easy to take away. You can’t take away my garden, I’m the only one home all day and itd be impossible for her to take away my computer, her computer, my sisters computer and my laptop, and then expect me not to get the out.

I don’t ever ask to go out and party with friends. I don’t GO anywhere. I rarely text, and if my mom took my phone it would mean she wouldn’t be able to contact me. And I can easily find a good book to read or KNIT if I have nothing else to do. I love my hobbies, I really do. They keep me out of trouble and make punishments difficult. Haha.