If feel like I’ve just been out of sorts as of late. I managed not to get out of bed until 10:30 today, completely exhausted anyway. I didn’t even go outside until 2 because I was playing Spore. I wanted to make creatures I could be proud of (because yes, it does matter) and then a civilization where I actually knew what I was doing. I’d say I played for at least… seven hours today. Maybe six. Yeah six. When I did finally make it outside, I weeded for only a few feet and then gave up. The dirt is dry and powdery. We have no ground covers to plant to fill in the pathways and effectively prevent weeds. So I stopped weeding because it was hot, and I wanted to watch Weeds instead of pull them. So I went inside and watched about three episodes.

After that I went back outside to sit on our lovely patio, which I keep forgetting to take pictures of. And read Inkdeath. I haven’t read Inkheart or Inkspell in several years (I read Inkheart in fifth grade) so I hardly remember the details of the story. I’m 33 pages into Inkdeath though, so we’ll see how it goes. All I can think about while I’m reading is how much my cousin would love to be in that world. Or rather, she writes of VERY similar things and would enjoy being a part of them. She and I are similar in that regard; always dreaming of fairies. Only, I am one. Haha.

The dogs were particularly jealous today. Anytime Buttercup was getting attention, Kira needed some too. And anytime Kira was getting attention, Buttercup had her nose right in the middle of things. She even ran upstairs because she heard me petting Kira. It was kind of funny. I felt kind of bad having them inside all day. I left the door open but they just came upstairs and slept while I was playing. And then when I went outside to read later they came out and ran laps. I know, I know, they just wanted to spend time with me. I guess if they were outside all day I would’ve started to worry.

Tomorrow I’m going to test at the community college. I don’t know if I’ll manage to stay awake for it. I’ll pass the reading without a doubt. The math… I always manage to forget everything over the weekend for math, so I have no idea what two weeks of summer will have done. I don’t know what I’ll do if I fail. It was such a sign for me when they called. It will be devastating if I don’t get in now.

Have you noticed that along with my entries, my paragraphs are getting shorter and shorter as well? I have less and less to talk about. I wonder how I’ll manage towards the end of the month. I’m sure I’ll find something since my bees will be coming.