All I did today was dig up a Climbing rose (we have four others just like it) and then plant a vining thing we bought MONTHS ago. I planted the vine along the chain link so that it hopefully slows down the wind we get through our yard. I’d love to plant a few small trees to act as wind barriers because the air is constantly moving around here. There wasn’t a still moment at all while I was outside, despite the fact I never moved, haha.

It was a decent day out so- shoot! I forgot to take a picture of the patio. Damn. Anyway, I spent the day on the patio, finishing Practical Magic and then starting Inkdeath. I’m sure if I looked harder I could find something a bit more productive to read, but I figured it’d been on my shelf for months and I need to finish the series. Whenever I pick up plant books I get annoyed while I’m reading them because I can’t just go out and buy whatever it is I want. My mom won’t let me. We are (hopefully) going to go to the nursery soon though because we NEED plants that will bloom in the late summer. By the time I get my bees, I’ll have nothing for them to eat! My mom and I were planning to go out to the woods and take relocate some groundcovers to put under the rody’s and such. We have a lot of open dirt if you actually look at the yard, so I’d REALLY enjoy covering it up with things that bloom.

We have a large hideous tree that block the hot evening sun from hitting my room. The trouble is it’s hideous. So we were thinking of cutting it halfway down, and then letting a vine grow up it (maybe even drilling some holes for Blue Orchard bees) so that it’s still being useful without looking disgusting. Plus all of its needles fall into our air-conditioner which isn’t good. We’ll see what the future holds though, seeing to the fact that my mom and I can’t hardly ever agree on things in the yard. If it were up to me there would be no brown in the yard, and no lawn. And I’d probably have two hives. Of course, we’d need to win the lotto, but that’s just a detail.

I spent 80% of the day in silence. I actually felt kind of lonely at one point. I talked with my neighbor for a while, but I wasn’t in a talkative mood so the conversation was short. I barely even yelled at the dogs today. My mom came home and she was even quiet. So I guess it was just a quiet day. My neighbor even took a nap, so that should tell you something. While she was doing that, I managed to… slightly organize minimal parts of my room, but I did vacuum which is a big deal. It took a surprising amount of energy to get anything done. In fact, I’m so exhausted, I’ll be done for the night.