We made just over $100 at the garage sale today. We had nothing prepared and “threw shit out and put a price on it” as my neighbor said. They made about twice as much as we did, but they were very prepared and had their entire inventory out for everyone to see. We have boxes in the attic, buried in the living room, hiding under things in the garage- we got crap everywhere. But considering, we did very nicely. I managed to be called “honey” by an older man (probably mid 50’s) as I was helping him put some things in his car. I said no problem, not even registering the fact that he had just called me a “feminine” thing. I said “sure” which prompted a double take on his part and a stuttered response spoken far too loudly. I turned to leave, having finished the job, but he grabbed hold of my arm, in a manly fashion, and announced that I was a good looking man. Um…? When I walked back to my mom she said “next time an older man does that to you turn to him and say ‘what are you? Catholic?’”

I also managed to get a bit of a tan and the arch of my cheeks and nose are slightly pink although they’re not painful. I put some aloe on anyway, just to avoid pain tomorrow. Once the garage sale was finished, we decided to assemble a table that my mom bought seven years ago but never touched. Assembling a table is not something you want to do with your mother. It leads to awkward sentences like “hold this leg just like that” and “would you screw this mom?” there were countless uses of the word “nut” which managed to turn my stomach and wish the word wasn’t associated with the human body. We made it through assembling the table though, and my patio looks ten times better. We sold the pool and the couch today so we were able to move the lawn mower into the garage and take down the hideous tarp that was covering out possessions. I’ll take a picture tomorrow for sure, because it’s an amazing difference.

After that I planted a couple packets of seeds as well as all the seeds we’d collected from our flowers before we left. If all goes well the yard should be bursting in a matter of weeks. 90% of what was planted is LOVED by bees (especially the seeds from our house) so that will be good. Not to mention all the places I’ll never have to weed again because it will be so over grown with wild flowers. My yard is on the path to smelling amazing! Now all I need is a bee-bush, a lovely smelling shrub/tree from my aunts, as well as a start of my aunts English-tea-rose which smells amazing. Oh! I found the screen/ weed surprising/ tarp material stuff today. It was in the brown car that is never used and hasn’t been touched pretty much since we’ve moved. The material is going to be used to keep dirt in my second worm bin. There are drainage holes in the bottom so I need something to keep the dirt in. I bought that… last summer when the worm bin was made and have been looking for it since the move. I searched through the garage several times looking for it. And it was in the car all along.

I think I might have a picture for you… yep two.

Urgh, my phone isn’t sending them. Or my email isn’t receiving them. Regardless, they aren’t coming through so I guess I can’t show you one of the chamomile plants. It’s completely covered in white blooms and looks great. I have a feeling it would be covered in bees, as would the rest of them. We have about six full grown chamomiles, not to mention the hundred or so starts we have.