I feel like today was much more productive than yesterday. I moved an azalea out to the front yard, so that the pair of them now guard our walkway to the house. I then proceeded to move an ancient rose to the place where the azalea used to be. I now have a large open space that I can place a beehive in! Which I ordered today! I got SUPER nervous before I called though. I had to find my ring and searched the house for some gum (which I didn’t find) and only after I managed to switch off my brain and press ‘dial’ without thinking about it was I able to talk. It was really kind of annoying actually. I wasn’t even thinking about what I was ordering; I was too worried about what I was saying. I completely stumbled over my hello. Thankfully it’s done with and I now officially have a beehive ordered. I get to pick it up Saturday! I still don’t know exactly when B is going to give me some bees, which is kind of unfortunate because I would like to have them already. It’s been really nice out (I had to turn on the AC today) and I know the bees would be really active, especially in my yard.

I won’t be able to post tomorrow as we’re leaving early in the morning to go to Oregon. My cousin is going to be watching the house, and he’s bringing along a friend. A special friend if you know what I mean. I don’t know her name, or have any idea who she is, but I’m pretty sure his parents don’t know she’s going to be staying over with him. I’ll definitely be letting my neighbors know what’s going on. I’ll even ask them to tease him, just because I’m rotten, haha.S and I talk for at least 20 minutes everyday now. It’s really kind of nice. She’s like the aunt/grandmother/neighbor I never had. I don’t really talk with my aunts, and certainly not with my grandmother. And the only neighbors I ever had were my aunt and uncle. Well the neighbors I had when I was 6, but they don’t really count because I don’t think I ever talked with them much. So I suppose this is the first time I’ve actually had a neighbor, haha. I gave her cookies today. My mom baked them last night, since I prefer the cookie dough and hate baking them.

It’s actually become a bit of a joke between us because I’ve made them several batches of cookies before, but they never manage to get them because I’ll only make the dough and then never bake it. I love cookie dough. I will eat it by the spoonful until my stomach hurts. And then I’ll take a brake only to start again when I’m feeling somewhat better. I’m a food addict. If it’s sweet, I want it. Doesn’t matter if it’s fruit or candy; gimme gimme gimme. I don’t much care for chocolate coated fruit though. I’ll eat strawberries coated in sugar just fine, but for some reason chocolate just doesn’t seem right. Anyway, today went by much quicker than yesterday. I felt like I managed to blink my eyes in time to miss the sun fly across the sky so that it was suddenly 6:30 at night. My sister had friends over again today. I’ll be so thankful when she leaves. I can’t tell you how much I love the sound of the birds and the bugs and running water and the laughter of the children two houses over and the dogs running around the yard. My sister interrupts all of that with loud, meaningless, self-centered noise.

As far as I’m concerned, Saturday can’t come fast enough. We’re dropping my sister off at my dads on the way up from Oregon so it’s basically like my birthday. I get a beehive as well as getting rid of my sister. Just FYI, you’re pretty much only going to hear about bees for the next couple of weeks. I can almost guarantee they’ll be mentioned in every post.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you a picture of some of the lilies that are in bloom. All this time in my yard and I’ve suddenly run out of pictures to take. Funny how that is.

Oh and please let me know what you think of the new theme. I’m not quite sure if I like it just yet.