Happy summer solstice everyone! I shouted that during third and everyone thought I was insane. Anyway, today I had my two toughest finals. I failed my Spanish. Like failed, outright. We had to write 20 sentences for each of the five pictures during last week, and then we were supposed to turn them into her today. I didn’t have mine stapled and ready to go when I got up there so my teacher was mad at me. I laughed at her. We had over 45 minutes left in class and there were only 5 people after me. We each got a total of three minutes to describe one of the five pictures (we rolled a dice to determine which one we described) and 5×3 is 15 so she had plenty of time left in class. So I laughed and told her I wasn’t in a rush and that we still had plenty of time so I wasn’t worried. She didn’t seem to like that but I don’t like her so bonus points for me. She glared at me the entire time I was talking. I failed. I said only five sentences. I really had no idea what to say in English, let alone Spanish. Whatever, I really don’t care.

Math was more stressful. It was a 60 problem exam that I had no idea how to do. I felt like I hadn’t learned any of it. It was mostly algebra stuff which I HATE. I can’t stand coordinates and crap like that. Very annoying! I ended up getting tired of it and guessing most of them. Oh well. Let’s check what I got, shall we?….. She doesn’t have it up yet. I got a 20/100 on my Spanish final though. I feel like framing that, lol. Anyways, I’m so glad it’s almost summer! Only one more day! And it’s a half day too; I only go until like 10.

I texted B again today. I feel like I’m pestering him. But at the same time I’d really just like to get my hive like NOW. So it’s a tough thing to juggle. He replied today though, thankfully. You should’ve seen me haha, I practically started dancing. I told my mom that B had finally texted me back and that I texted him last week. She said something along the lines of ‘well that’s almost a good enough excuse to break up with him’ hahaha. She didn’t think I’d have anything to say to that so she was surprised when I replied “well he is married and a bit old for me, so I guess I’ll live”. Teehee. I love shocking people. It’s best when I’m able to shock my mom, because she’s kind of hard to rattle.

Picture time!


Both of my neighbors have these and they’re randomly all over my yard. My mom said it’s a lily. I’m glad it spreads like a weed and is so pretty. I’ll definitely be shaking the seeds out across the yard.

These poppies are EVERYWHERE. My mom and I thought they were weeds so we were pulling them up all over the place. Thankfully we let this one live and saw what it was. The few poppies we missed are being allowed to live so that hopefully the population will be huge again next year. They’re really pretty and smell nice too.

These miniature irises are all over the yard. They grow in tight patches. Unfortunately they don’t smell but they’re really vibrant in the sun.

This is the patch my mom and I cleared yesterday. If you can I’d like you to imagine every speck of brown as green. That’s what it looked like before. My mom started ripping up the clover but I convinced her to stop because clover is good for the bees and it also adds nutrients to the soil because it’s able to pull nitrogen from the air. Turnips are also able to do this and hopefully I’ll plant some of those soon.

Here is the first Blueishberry of the year! It’s about as big around as a nickel and currently purple. I can’t wait to eat it!

As part of the rules for having a beehive, you’re supposed to put up at least two signs letting people know that bees are present. So for my sign I was planning on saying something like “my mom asked me to bring home a girl. I brought home 10,000.” And then a little honey bee flying underneath. I told it to my mom and she was like “I don’t think I’ve ever asked you to bring home a girl” *sigh* I think it’s at least a little funny. Plus it’s humorous because it’s like, I’ll never want a girlfriend because I’ve got so many girls at home already. And the fact that I’ll be living with my husband/life partner will have nothing to do with it, lol.