Why did I bother to go to my dads today? It was a complete waste of time. I’m just glad we cut it short and didn’t go all weekend. We went down, had Red Robins for breakfast, then visited with my grandparents for about half an hour. I really could’ve left after that. We went home and watched TV. My dad went to the store for “lotto tickets” less than ten minutes after we got home. Lotto tickets is code for ‘I’m going out to have a smoke’. He still thinks we don’t know. It pisses me off though because it’s like, I’m taking time out of my day to come and see you, and then you decide to run off and smoke. And then once he came back home he fell asleep! All we were doing was watching movies mind, but still. He used to make such a BIG stink about how we never came down to see him, and yet, when we do come down he makes excuses to stay away from us. It’s really REALLY annoying. My sister didn’t even want to be there!

I feel like as much as I want bees, the universe wants me to have them to. I just signed into my email and found a message from the National Wildlife Federation telling me how important pollinators are. Pollinators such as honey bees. And the person who wrote the email has been a beekeeper for over forty years. I want it to be tomorrow already! I was going to wait until Wednesday to call B but I just can’t wait any longer. I’m too excited and I’ve waited long enough. I really only need to ask him for a list of the things he has. As well as if starting a hive now would be ok (legally [you have to fill out a few documents to own a hive]). AND if I could join his beekeeping club, lol. You have to have a hive to be a member. Eiiike! I’m so excited. My entire world would revolve around that hive! Ok, ok. I’m going to stop myself. Because I’m about to start getting redundant with previous posts. It’s just going to be loads of fun. And it’s an old tradition. I will be the only beekeeper in my family. Like, my entire family. Unless you count my aunt who has several wooden blocks full of blue orchard bees.

I’m really NOT looking forward to finals tomorrow. I’ve got Spanish, which I’m going to fail so that’s whatever. And Geometry. I’m actually kind of concerned for Geometry. I did well really only in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I barely remember the first one. And I did excellent for the 1st half of this quarter. But then we got into calculus which totally threw me for a loop. We couldn’t even do calculus without calculators. What’s the point of math if it can’t be solved without a calculator? And not just any calculator, but a high-tech $200 one which actually has to LOAD it’s programming. That’s when you know that there’s something wrong. Well anyways, wish me luck!

Oh but one final thing. My mom has just instructed me to basically babysit my little sister. She feels unloved so I have to be her plaything because my mom has to work. Sooo not fair. I don’t even like her. Especially not when I have to stop blogging to hang with her. I was in the middle of writing this post when she came up here and I was rudely interrupted to watch a movie. I told my mom she officially owes me a beehive. I guess I could suffer through sitting with my sister for a week or two if I was guaranteed a beehive at the end of it.