Sleeping in today was so nice. I can’t even begin to tell you how asleep I was. I could barely move when I woke up, I was that dead to the world. I slept in until 10:30 and then took a shower. At about 6 I went out in the yard and finally started doing something productive. I moved a lilac a foot and a half forward, as well as a much smaller mock-orange. After that I forced my mom to come out and help me decide what to do next. We scooped the yard, weeded about… 125 square feet collectively, transplanted a spiderwort and a peony as well as an iris, and filled our entire yard-waste bin. If I was going to be here tomorrow I’d probably fill one of the neighbors as well, but I’ve got to be respectful and go to my dad’s for father’s day. I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures though, the work we did was absolutely shocking. Huge patches of our gardens went from greens to browns. The patch we worked on is hard to see from the house, but we did so much that it’s noticeable from the kitchen.

I don’t know if I mentioned this yesterday (I’m pretty sure I forgot) but that guy from last year… the football player from gym? He was kicked out of his LA class because his teacher (also my teacher [he has her 4th and I have her 5th]) thought he was going to rape her. How is it ok that two people feel sexually threatened by this guy and nothings being done? My mom’s thinking about getting a restraining order. I guess he’s not allowed to talk to our teacher or be in her class room. What do his parents think? They’re smart people too. His dad is a doctor if I remember correctly, and his mom is a dentist I think. Maybe a lawyer. How is it they aren’t doing anything to change his behavior? He’s threatened TWO people on completely different occasions. Something needs to be done. Send him to counseling, send him to meetings with rape victims, I don’t know. Clearly he’s got issues. What’s worse is that he’s on football. He’s a BIG intimidating guy. That, combined with this dysfunctional psychotic personality he’s got is not a good thing.

Sorry, it’s been bugging me all day and I knew I forgot to mention it on here.

But anyway, I think I’ve finally decided on what bee’s I’m going to get. I was on the fence between the Italian and the Carniolan. The Carniolans winter over better and make more honey in cooler temperatures but are more aggressive and more likely to swarm. Italian honey bee’s are more docile and less likely to swarm but don’t do as well in colder climates and aren’t as likely to go out on wetter days. I’m going to get an Italian hive though because they’re good starter bees and I’m not looking for major honey production. I just want a little honey now and again, and to watch the hive more than anything. Bees fascinate me to no end. This one little creature can fly around and gather food and nectar for her colony, she can secret food for queen larvae, she can secret a waxy film which acts as a disinfectant, she can make wax, she can create perfect hexagons, she can carry her bodyweight in honey if need be. All the while she is pollinating the flowers and making the world go round. And the way the hive functions as a whole. Every worker a part of the activities of the hive, each of them with their own special task, communicating entirely through chemicals and “dance”. *sigh* I can’t wait until I have my own hive. I’m sure I’ll just sit and watch them for hours.

Haha, I guess I’m a little bit obsessed. Bees excite me so much though. I wonder how I’ll be doing in ten years. I wonder if I’ll have two hives. Did I mention that I’m planning on using my honey bees as part of my senior project? It’s pretty much a guaranteed pass. And it’s something I love too. Anyway, it’s super late and I’m exhausted from my hard day of work. My mom and I pulled weeds for over three hours. Then my neighbors came home and we had to talk for a while. Alright, I’m really done now.