Todays finals were rather off beat. In History we talked about cultural differences and listened to my teacher tell us about how he had two TVs as a kid (one in color one in black and white) and how he never had cable. *shakes head* I’m so glad I’m not taking that class ever again! Third period was much more exciting. Only, in a bad way. We dissected frogs. Right after lunch. We had to cut the corners of their mouth so we could look for teeth. Then we had to snap the sternum bone and rip open its chest to look for the heart, intestines, and identify the sex. I felt so horrible. Thankfully I didn’t have to touch it except once. I like frogs! I would love some in my yard! I don’t want to cut them open and look at their innards. They’re innards for a reason! C did 90% of the work for the group. She really enjoyed it too. I kept calling her a psycho because she kept saying how it was like torture except the creature was dead and it wasn’t against the law…

It was a really nice day today so I did manage to go outside for a little bit. I cut my jeans into shorts because they got a rip on the nee a while ago. And I needed shorts. I went out in the yard, pulled some weeds, talked with the neighbor, got hungry and then decided to watch Weeds. The last episode I watched was a bit like Saw though, which is kind of annoying. Because that means the rest of the season is only going to get worse. Did I mention that I was nominated to be a part of the honors society? I don’t know who nominated me but it’s kind of weird. It was either my councilor or the fact that I scored at a level 4 for Reading and Writing and was 5 points away from being a level 4 in Math on the state test. I’m really happy with those scores. It’s funny because I literally didn’t try for the writing portion. I’ve written better essays last minute then I did for that little paragraph I had two hours to write.

Math was super easy for me, but apparently 40% of the state failed it. Which makes no sense because it revolved mostly on Geometry. Geometry is the easiest thing you can do. I can’t stand Algebra but Geometry is great. It’s like an advanced version of learning shapes in kindergarten. Its my favorite math course. Anyway, my bee connection still hasn’t replied. I’m going to call him on Wednesday I think. That way there is plenty of time for him to respond and I don’t feel like I’m forcing him to respond. My eye is much better today, but it’s still driving me nuts. I think I managed to pop it last night so now my eye lid won’t stop itching. I don’t even mean to itch it anymore, it’s just a reflex. My chamomile is doing well; the stack is almost flattened. A few more days like today and it’ll be ready to chop and store. That’s about all I got for you at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted! Haha.