I ended up going to school about an hour and a half early today but it was alright because I got to talk to my math teacher a bit. She’s actually one of my favorite teachers at my school; she’s down to earth, knows what she’s talking about, CARES about the students, and is really funny. I spent the time before school helping her erase marks from test booklets and then made sure everything was in the safety backpack. And there was another sign that I should get a beehive. One of her twin sons has two hives. AND neither of them got their licenses until they were in their 20s. I almost feel like going in early again to talk with her. I feel like I know a lot about her, but I guess I know a lot about anyone if I think about it. I found out she’s going to teach an Algebra 3-4 class next year! I’m going to try and get my councilor to request her as a teacher. I feel like I’m getting a bit… selfish? Picky? I don’t know what word I’m thinking of. Crap, I still need to knit my councilor a basket. Maybe I will go in early just to knit… Waking up early today wasn’t too bad.

Oh my god my eye! I have a sty (a bump that appears at the base of your eyelashes) apparently and it’s super annoying. It’s on the inside of my eyelid so every time I blink my eye is scratched. My eye is now really pink and itches like crazy. It’s fuzzy every other time I blink and it hurts to look around. Hopefully it goes away soon. I don’t want to spend the last three days of school in agony. *random* Did I mention that a spider was in my bed the other night? It was either two nights ago or last night. I was lying in bed and all of the sudden I felt something on my leg. I barely even felt it but I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quick before. I managed to dismember the spider with one smack to the leg but I didn’t get its guts all over me. Still, it was absolutely disgusting. I had to turn on my light and scour my bed to make sure there weren’t any other creepy crawlies hiding in the sheets. Oh and there is also an enormous spider on the wall in front of me. It’s disturbingly large too. Why are there so many damn spiders in my house! They’re only in my room and they don’t ever catch any bugs. What are they doing in here?!

On a more positive note, I have some pictures of flowers for you all.

My mom and I can’t identify this, and neither can my neighbors. Apparently it’s a weed. Which I find odd because it’s a shrub. My neighbors took it to a plant expert at some store or other and the guy couldn’t identify it either. Any guesses?

I feel like if I thought hard enough I could remember the names of these. I know the one in the middle is a wild geranium.

Here’s a close up of the one nearest the camera.

And here’s a close up of the one farthest from the camera. I think this starts with an E. It’s a slow growing grass like plant.

And here is some of the chamomile drying. It’s not too much at the moment, but I’ve got half a dozen large plants outside if I want more. And I’m not a huge chamomile fan so I probably won’t need too much. I have another stack (?), rack (?) of it also. I just took that one off for a better shot. The pile is in full sun for most of the day. When we get sun that is.

Ok what’s with all the repeated numbers?! I’m posting this at 47. On the 17th. And the link that was automatically created ended in 1771. AND I have a total of 1,777 comments right now. I’ve been seeing a lot of repeated numbers lately. Mostly 7s and 5s. I almost always look at the clock at 5:55. Anyway, just wanted to point it out because I found it odd. But my eye is starting to seriously annoy me so hopefully sleep will help.