I don’t understand. How is it I can be “friends” with all these people, but they won’t go five minutes out of their way to pick me up? I’m going to have to be at school TWO hours early tomorrow because of it. I suppose this is my punishment for not having my license. Because heaven forbid my life would be easy for once. I sound like a parrot. I just repeat the same boring sob story over and over. Did you know I use my cell phone more to send myself pictures of plants than I do for texting? And the only emails I get are the images from myself and Borders telling me I have coupons. People don’t like me. I don’t even like me. I guess I can’t be mad at others when I feel the same way. I need it to be summer already. Then I can just exist without anyone bothering me and I’ll be ok. And I can get my yard ready for the beehive. I emailed my moms friend for B the bee guys email. I don’t even know what I’m planning on asking specifically yet.

About tomorrow though. I have finals until Monday. Class starts about 2 hours later than normal. My moms going to drop me off at regular time because she has to work and I don’t have any other option. I could walk but it would take me an hour to get to school. And I don’t even have a bicycle so I couldn’t just ride a bike. Which would be super fast and way easier. And more eco friendly and cause less trouble and stress.

I came home today and made a list of all the plants we need for the bees. I also went online to a good bee store and mathed out how much all the stuff I need is going to cost. It’s about $400. About 82 cents short actually. I have about $250. Plus whatever else is in my bank account. But I’d have to buy paint and staining stuffs to coat the bee hive in because it doesn’t come already painted. I don’t even know what kind of paint I’m supposed to use! Maybe I’ll get my hive somewhere else, and just buy the rest of the stuff from them. They’re local so I know the queen will be in good health when I get her. I’m kind of at a loss as to where to put the hive though. I was going to put it in an unused corner of the yard, but now that I think about it, that’s where Sam goes to the bathroom. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out eventually. And I’ve got plenty of time so…

I did do something productive today. We have a lot of chamomile growing in our yard. And I keep saying how I want to be productive with the things my yard produces. Well there’s such a thing as chamomile tea… so I’ve decided I’m going to make my own. I researched how best to dry it and I’ve already got it set up in front of my bay window. I went out and harvested a fair amount, then I brought it in and laid it on some newspaper that I had set out on some shelving (which gets LOTS of air flow [the furnace vent is even underneath it]). It’s the brightest/hottest location in the house because it’s the south facing window. So between all the air flow, the dry newspaper (I layered things so there’s even MORE air flow) and the hot sun, things should be dry within a week. It said it could take about 10 days so hopefully things get warm around here and I can have some tea soon. I could make some now, fresh from the blossoms if I wanted. But I’ll feel more accomplished if I get some dried properly first.