I got to come home early from my dads today because I have a lot of homework that needs to be done. Instead of the usual 6 o’clock, my sister and I got to leave at 2. It was really nice considering the fact that I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30. Basically all I did there was eat and get in the shower. My sister didn’t get ready for public because we both thought we were going straight home after my dads. But we actually had to go to my aunts, because my cousins (her two sons) were in town and we don’t see them hardly ever. We wont’ see them again until Christmas. I don’t understand how it is that I can eat until I’m FULL and then continue to eat and still not really be in pain. I stuffed myself. Family gatherings always mean huge amounts of food. I had some wonderful roast beef and probably about 6 serving’s worth of salad from my great uncles garden. Plus 4 dough gobs. YUM. I didn’t talk to my cousins much, the youngest one slept most of the time because he turned 21 last night and they were out until four in the morning partying. He’s been drinking for years so I don’t know why they needed to go out and celebrate. I don’t really have anything to talk about with either of them anyway.

Oh sorry, I forgot to explain the importance of my sister not getting ready. She had to put on her bra and change from shorts to pants while my mom was driving. It really wouldn’t’ve been that hard, but she had trouble with it. I had to help her get her bra clasped (I managed it one handed thank you) because she couldn’t do it. I swear, my sister and I were supposed to be each others gender. She is not lady like at all, and fits the role of male teenager much better than she does female. While I would be much better suited for a girl. Anyway, after we left the gathering, we came home. S was so funny. She was all happy and excited to see me (because of course the first thing I did was run outside and start pulling weeds). Here, take a look at a few of the blooming things.


This is the largest rose blossom by far of all of our roses and it’s a really pretty pale color too. Unfortunately it doesn’t smell. It bloomed while I was away.

This is another snap dragon. It’s absolutely enormous now, all of its flower stalks stretching at least three feet.

These roses aren’t clearly visible from the house, so I hardly ever notice them. But the two of them are covered in these blooms so I had to come and take a picture. They smell good too.

And this is about 24 square feet of nothing but clover (and a wisteria). I figure, why pull it? The clover is helping increase the nutrients in the soil, and it’s surprising the other weeds. I’d really like to put the pond here. We might be getting a pond from my aunt, as well as some blue orchard bees. The only pollinators we have in the yard are the flies, so some native bees will brighten my day. All I have to do is find a place for them and I can have some. They don’t produce enough honey to collect anything from, but they pollinate almost every flower they see. Where as honeybees skip flowers.

Anyway, S was very happy to see me. We talked for quite awhile. I guess she told my mom that she texted me and said that my mom was out on a date and that her boyfriend was over. So now every time I pick up my phone my mom thinks I’m texting her. It’s just funny because S barely knows how to call someone on her phone, so texting is out of the question. And my mom went out to diner with her gay friend, so yeah. I really have some great neighbors though. She was genuinely excited to see me and was more energetic than I’ve seen her in a while. Makes me smile. It’s nice to know I have people so close to me that actually care. I think they’ve unofficially adopted me as their grandchild, since they’re not ever going to have any apparently. They’re surrogate grandparents to twins, but they don’t have any real grandkids. Her daughter won’t (can’t?) ever have any kids, and her son isn’t likely to get married and have children. So lucky me, I get to fill the role. I’m really glad they’re my neighbors.