I stayed home today to work on that huge essay. I really didn’t get too much done. I wrote a total of ten sentences and found only two more websites I’m able to use. I ended up needing a break after about an hour of work, and then never got back into it. I got distracted because my sister was watching movies downstairs, and I can’t work if the TV is on (even if it’s in another room) so I spent most of the day downstairs.

The exciting things of the day: we ate our first homegrown salad. It was much more yummy that store bought. I went out and collected the leaves, washed it, and then made it, and was then in trouble to having a few bites before everyone else. But then after everyone had some, my sister wanted to finish it. I was a little irritated. To say the least. So I had to make myself another salad so her royal highness could eat MY homegrown stuff. She hasn’t barely set foot on the lawn in our backyard, but I’ve spent days out there working. So SHE could eat all my hard work? Yeah, not too happy at all.  On the plus side, I got to eat the second ripe raspberry today. I don’t think I’m going to tell my family about how close the raspberries are to all being ripe, until I’ve eaten half of them. I think that’s fair. And lastly, Glee’s finally was on tonight. They’re doing reruns ALL summer! I now officially have plans every Thursday night all summer!

During Glee tonight though, my sister had the remote. She would put it on mute during commercials, which is fine for any other show, but this is GLEE we’re talking about. And the season finale no less. The first commercial we missed part of the show because we didn’t hear it start. So during the second commercial I asked my sister to take it off mute so I wouldn’t miss anything. We conversed for like five seconds, and then nothing changed and my sister and mother continued their previous conversation without me. So I asked again and was called rude by mom and a drama queen by sister. So I got up and walked. And I was the bad guy because of it. I was pissed, so I left. I went up stairs to my room and watched it by myself.

While that was all going on, I was texting H. She decided to cheer for the other team on Glee because Fin loves Rachael and not her, so I called her a traitor and told her we couldn’t be friends anymore. Then we decided we wanted to have a fake fight during class tomorrow, just because, and she asked about one of my friends who had been in a fight. Then she asked about F from WAYYYY long ago and I told her why she left. I told her we basically drove her out of the school (which is true) because she had screwed my friend over “hella greesy like.” She didn’t know what that meant, so I explained it and then she used it in a sentence. “Dayuum willow, you gotta stop screwin me over hella greesy like, you hear?” Brilliant is it not? I almost started crying I was laughing so hard. She’s THE whitest person you’ll ever meet, like, she’s so white she doesn’t even say ghetto let alone speak it. So reading this from her was hilarious. I told her to say it in our fight tomorrow, but then we decided we couldn’t really do a fight because I’d laugh too hard when she said that to me. How unfortunate. It really would’ve been awesome though.

Sorry this took so long to write. I stopped and had a lengthy (about an hour long) conversation with L. talking with her made me feel loads better. Hence the complete change in mood in my writing. Anyway, I’m completely exhausted. Sitting around all day takes its toll. Good night!