The world is such an odd place. I can’t seem to say that enough, because I say it often. I mean just look at us. We are perhaps one of the most bizarre creatures in the galaxy. We have complicated our lives to no end. I think that’s my little side note for the day. Your assignment is to contemplate the idea of this and think about what I mean. Because I’m sure that by the end of this sentence, I’ll have completely forgotten everything I was thinking about. Oh nope, it was the sentence before that. Curse this brain of mine.

Anyways, school is out in two weeks, I have a five paragraph essay (requiring hours upon hours of research) that is due Thursday which I haven’t started. I have a Spanish test tomorrow and Friday. I have a weding to go to on Friday, so I won’t be at school for the Spanish test. I’ve got a huge project due soon in math, which I only just started today. I have finals in Bio that I know nothing about because I didn’t learn anything this semester, and I also have finals in History on top of the huge essay. And I haven’t learned anything in that class all year so I’m fucked. My home life is crap at the moment. If I so much as blink wrong in my sisters direction my mom gets snippy with me. Everything I do is wrong and stupid, and I know I’ve said it before but it’s how she treats me. My sister has become the holy child in both households. My dad buys her whatever she wants with a bat of her eyelashes and my mom will do anything she wants to make her happy while she’s here because she doesn’t want her to leave.

It’s all such bullshit. I feel like screaming at them both. I’m here ALL the time. I’m not going anywhere. So why am I treated like shit? What did I do? Then again, all I need to do is tell my mom I have self-esteem issues (which I do) and that I did drugs and she’ll love me too. Right? Ugh, fuck them both. I hate my sister. She makes my life unnecessarily difficult. And my mom won’t hear anything of it. I want her out. I want her to go and live with her dad. I won’t have to worry about her ever, and she can go and suck up all the money she wants to. And finally my mom can chill out and stop trying to make her happy when she clearly isn’t. And we can get on with our lives. I know that really sounds bad, but it’s how I feel and I’m not ashamed of it. Would you like to hear my sister’s latest drama? She has strep throat. She went to the doctor after school and he’s diagnosed it officially as strep. She can’t go to school until Wednesday and is loosing her voice. I swear, there will always be something wrong with her. It’s not in her nature to just be able to live she has to have something wrong with her at all times so that people will love her. *sigh* I really am a bitch.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be working on my stupid essay right now, so I’ll let you go. I’m almost done with season 2 of Weeds at the moment, just FYI. Hopefully I’ll be caught up with the show by the end of the school year. Oh and I forgot to show you the first raspberry of the season! It was a little sour, but I had been eating an apple before hand so yeah. It tasted alright.

I can’t wait until we get more! The strawberries are starting to ripen and there were some other pink raspberries too. Yum!