I feel like any and all productivity I have during one day of the weekend, cancels out because of the other. Yesterday I got so much done! And then today came and I did nothing. I got up at 10:30 over two and a half hours later than yesterday, and it was rainy and grey out all day so I couldn’t work in the yard. Not that it mattered; we were supposed to have a family get together at 3. Before that however, we watched a few episodes of Weeds. That show is seriously addicting, despite how perverse it is. Anyway, My mom and sister went to see an old family friend who isn’t doing well. I think I mentioned it a while ago; she had like 2 strokes at once. She’s doing better now, but still a long ways off from being back to normal. While the rest of my family was doing that, I was with my aunt heading over to my other aunt’s house. We were supposed to be meeting everyone over there, but after an hour of waiting we were finally informed that my grandfather had driven all the way down here for another event, that wasn’t happening until next weekend, so instead of staying down here and visiting like he was supposed to, he decided to drive the hour back home. What does that tell you about my family’s relationships with one another? And you wonder why my sister and I hate each other. Clearly, it’s genetic.

Anyway, my aunt’s house was very peaceful. She lives on about an acre of land, and some of the garden areas she has are just so tranquil. I sat down in a chair next to the house, right in front of a tiny garden and stayed there for over half an hour. That little patch was so beautiful. The leaves were all a deep lustrous green, still wet from the rain. And the earth from which they sprouted looked as if it were taken from a forest. I could’ve sat there for hours. Eventually we did leave though, and once back at my aunts (the one I came with) we ate the food she had made for the gathering, as well as some taco salad my mom made. Then we went home, and forced my sister to watch the first few episodes the second season of Weeds with us. She’s now addicted as well. That show… in the second or third episode the pipes in the house stop working because the 11 year old son was flushing his masturbatory socks down the toilet.

So the uncle had a lengthy conversation with him about creative ways to masturbate. Perhaps the most bizarre; heating a banana in the micro wave, and then using the peal. After the list was finished, my mother promptly turned to me and said “you got all that?” Oh My God. This is not a family show. We continued to watch another several episodes together though, lol. We spent about three hours watching the second season. And we still haven’t mailed the first season back yet. *tangent* a few nights ago I had this dream that Sam was biting himself because he had fleas. As he was biting this large (for a flea) pink blob (in my dream I recognized it as a flea but it wasn’t) crawled out of this fur. I picked it up immediately, and set it next to me so I could squash it. But I didn’t have anything to squash it with, and I didn’t want to use my nails, and while I was trying to decide what to do the thing crawled up onto my arm. I didn’t do anything because I was freaking out and didn’t want to touch it.

Let me tell you what it looked like. It was about the size of a fingernail. It looked kind of like a heart, only its shape wasn’t consistent, it was just sort of a blob. And it had three or four tentacles which it used to move, but for the most part just flailed about. Anyway, it traveled up my arm straight to the about an inch above the crook of my elbow. It then burrowed into my skin. I woke up so freaked out that when I got into the shower I scrubbed every inch of my skin. It felt like my skin was crawling. It’s been several days since the dream, I forgot to mention it the day it happened, but every once in a while my arm will feel like it’s being pricked with something sharp where the flea-blob-thing embedded itself. It’s very creepy and annoying. And my skin is now crawling again. Well now how am I supposed to get to sleep?! URGH!