My day was rather productive. The sun was out, so I got to get a few things done. I cleaned out the square where the apple tree is. It looks 10 times better. I also hacked down one of the climbing roses because we were going to move it. After that my mom and I headed out to the front to try and make our house look presentable to the rest of the world. While my mom attacked the rhododendrons with a pear of pruning shears, I decided to rip out the other juniper. Take a look.

That’s easy enough looking right? I felt like the first one appeared a bit more daunting. As I got into things a bit more though, I realized I might need a bit of help. I had to ask F to come over and help me. I was sure we were going to need to yank it out using his truck. I had pretty much done everything I could think of, and had almost snapped my shovel, when I decided to go ask him for help. Ten minutes later we had the thing ripped out.

That root (the large wooden thing sticking out to the right) is four inches in diameter, and we had to saw threw it to get the plant out. It was a lot less of a work-out getting this out though. The first one was much harder. Of course, because F helped me, I was harassed by my mom, and F and S for wanting to be done for the evening once I cleaned up. Speaking of which.

Yay! One more patch of ground I have to worry about weeding. My mom can be seen in the back of the picture. She was cleaning up some of the clippings. Oh and she also mowed the lawn today.

After I finished cleaning up the mess, I hopped in the shower; my mom finished up with the clippings then (once I was out of the shower) got in the shower for a quick rinse. My sister went to walk the streets with a friend. My mom and I went to the East Indian restaurant again for dinner. This time J did come with us. We went from the two dishes we had last time, to five dishes, plus two orders of rice. The food was excellent, again. After that we came home and I set up the Wii so that we could watch Netflix on the tv. We decided to watch Up. Oh my goodness. I was crying by the end. It was so heart breaking. This old man found his true love at a very young age and they spent their entire lives together. You fell in love with them in ten minutes because the movie takes you threw their life together and it didn’t use any dialog. My mom and I were both practically in tears after the first fifteen minutes. You HAVE to see this. I’m going to force my mom to buy it (she fell asleep towards the end) because it’s a Disney classic. I don’t care that it doesn’t have singing. It was a beautiful story line and the main tune is going to be stuck in my head for day I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m not finished crying yet, so I’m going to wrap this up here and cry myself to sleep. Sound good? Alright. Lol.