Urgh, my post didn’t show up today. I was very irritated to find that it was still sitting there on my dashboard when I signed on. The most irritating thing is that I CHECKED to make sure it went up; and it did. I always check because this has happened before and I don’t like it when it happens; clearly. Anyways, you’ll now be forced to read yesterdays post, and today’s post. So anyway, on to news.

I took a Spanish test today. You would think I did well on it because I have improved my work ethic, wouldn’t you? NOPE. I’ve done all the work she’s given out and I got an F. 13/30. It especially irritated me because last nights homework was a crossword puzzle (which I hate to begin with) about vocab that wasn’t even going to be on the test! I’m going to try, I might not succeed but I’m going to try, to not saying anything mean to her tomorrow. Because my last two test grades were the best I’ve had all year. So if she wants to try and put this on me, again, it’s really not going to work. Ok, I’m already getting riled up. I’m going to just breathe, and chill.

I came home today and immediately plugged in Weeds. I have to say, I’m kind of addicted. I knew it was going to be super raunchy pretty much from the first episode, so I didn’t really want to watch it with my mom. Somehow, watching a guy jack off while instant messaging his nephew’s deaf girlfriend isn’t something I like doing with my mom. I don’t really like it at all actually; it’s not a desirable trait in a TV show. But because I watched a few episodes by myself (they were WAY worse than that [like people were completely naked having sex]) I was able to fast-forward through those parts, and save my eyes from bleeding. I was talking to H about these episodes and told her I fast forwarded threw the annoying parts. She said “haha, I’m sure you did. I bet you watched them in slow motion.” To which I replied (quite irritated if you can’t tell) “Why is it that because I have a penis, I’m automatically supposed to loose my wits the second I see skin? I can’t tell you how irritated that biased is.” What do you think, was I too blunt?

I know that for 90% of the male population, sex melts their brains. But for me, it doesn’t. Maybe I’m too sexually suppressed but I’d like to think that I’m not as sex driven as they are. I actually didn’t like the sex scenes. They weren’t funny, they added nothing to the story; they were pointless. But because I’m a guy I’m supposed to be mesmerized by it. I’m sure as my mom watches those episodes she’s going to assume I wanted to be alone when I watched them, and then it’ll be awkward watching them ever again because that’s all she’ll think about. But I only wanted to be alone so it wouldn’t be awkward. And trust me, it would’ve been awkward. So you see, being male is quite a big hassle. Lat me see if I can find that old post about being a guy. *20 minutes later* urgh I can’t find it. It’s the one where I complain about how it’s a guy’s world and my life would be easier if I had a vagina. Does anyone know which one I’m talking about? I write so many posts, it’s hard to find specific ones.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you. I cut most of the flower heads off the iris today. And will continue to finish tomorrow. Oh and I went to see my little cousin in a play. It was maybe an hour and it was all in French so I didn’t understand a word. Very interesting.