­So, today. Today today today TODAY. What did I do today? I feel like I start every post out like this. Don’t I? “today I did this” “today I did that” it gets very boring after a while. But how else am I supposed to start? I dunno, if you think of something new and exciting, let me know. I’d be happy to try it. hey, did I post the picture of those bright yellow iris? Wait… I think I took that picture today. I’m horrible with time, hahahaha. Ok, so here’s a look at the last two iris colors of the yard.

Ok so I actually took this yesterday, but the flowers haven’t changed color since then, so whatever. I’m getting behind on my pictures, I must say.

It amazes me how all of the different colors have different smells as well. I don’t know how to describe the smell of them, but just know that my yard smells very sweet in places, when the wind blows just right.

There, now that I’ve remembered to put the pictures up, lets talk about my school day. *thinks for a minute* oh! Actually I wanted to mention a huge pet-peeve I have. I’ve been meaning to talk about this for the past few days, but clearly, that didn’t happen. I HATE it when people leave their nasty miscellaneous hairs on the bar soap in the shower. I can’t STAND it. I literally have to spend a minute every shower rinsing off the bar soap because I find it truly disgusting. I rinse the soap when I’m finished with it! Although, I’m pretty good about not getting hair on it in the first place. Any thoughts on this? Am I completely insane for wanting soap that isn’t growing enough hair to make a wig?

I can’t believe it’s already June. School is out in three weeks, I’m another month closer to being 17; everything seems to be going so fast all of the sudden. I know I complained all year about hating my classes, but I’m really not looking forward to getting new ones. I like all the people that are in my classes right now. Next year is a mystery. Plus, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll have classes with the boys from last year. And this time, they’re the one’s who’s schedules are going to be disrupted. I’m tired of uprooting myself for their stupid behaviors. They’re both huge assholes, and REALLY annoying. I don’t understand why it is that girls find them charming and cute. They are both disgusting and rude and loud and obnoxious and don’t know how to be mature. I hate them. And so, next year will be a pain. I’m not looking forward to it. I’d be perfectly fine if I kept all of my same teachers and classmates, and just learned new material instead of having to switch everything.

What else can I complain about…? Eh, I got nothing. Shame too, I got 112 views today. I promised I wasn’t going to look at my stats, but I got about 10 comments, so I had to look. Very exciting stuff around here. Alright, I’m going to sleep. I’m always tired, and I spent most of today feeling like I was starving. I came home and ate, and was full for a few hours, then ate dinner (and since I wasn’t completely full) I then ate half a tub of ice-cream. I feel like I can’t eat enough, no matter what I do. Urgh, I just want to hurry through my teen years so I can be done with all this annoying puberty crap. Adolescence is such an annoying time in a persons life.

Oh and random note: I had exactly 999 views for the month of May.