I spent most of the day unmotivated to move. I don’t know why but I was exhausted pretty much the second I got up. I literally got up, took a shower, and came back and lay down again. Eventually I did get enough energy to move something’s around in my room again. I turned my bed so that it runs lengthwise next to the couch, moved my cabinet onto the opposite wall, and then put my computer where the cabinet was. Things fit much better now. Don’t tell my mom that though; this arrangement was her idea, and I’m still mad at her for moving the things she moved before, so I can’t let her know that this looks good. Hahahaha. Anyway, random funny text convo. with H. We were talking about how unoriginal Italians are. H: “so Italians are just copycats?” Me: Yes. Did you know spaghetti isn’t Italian? It’s Asian. They took the noodles from Asia and made spaghetti.” H: “that just shattered my entire world!” Me: “I know this is difficult news but I hope you can someday make a better life for yourself knowing this.” H: “I don’t see how I can when I just lost all reason to live!” Me: “we are such drama queens, hahahaha.”

You may be wondering why it is that I’ve suddenly decided to share these texts with you. Well, you see, I have no friends. Not any real ones at least. I haven’t had such lengthy conversations with anyone in over a year. So I’m pretty much starved for some real communication with someone. The fact that I’ve now got my computer in my romance corner has pretty much locked me into cyber world though, I’d say. *yawn* I’m so exhausted I can’t even tell you. Anyway, I’ve pretty much become addicted to texting her. If she takes more than three minutes to reply I start to freak out and wonder if she’ll ever text me back. After four minutes I become completely depressed and wonder why I even bother I try and talk to people because they all think I’m freaks anyway. And then once she finally texts me back my hand fly’s to my phone faster than a hummingbird and my mood changes immediately back to happy. Speaking of hummingbirds, there was a pair of them attacking each other in S’s yard today. One of them would fly way up in the air, and then dive-bomb the one that was in the tree. Upon coming back up from it’s dive, it would do a little flip. It was really cute.

Oh, I forgot to mention quite a few things last night. One: my mom made pumpkin bread which I took to the F and S today. Two: I can’t participate in the neighborhood garage sale on the 26th because my cousin has decided that is the best time to throw a “coed baby celebration” (basically a baby shower but for the family). I can’t tell you how irritated I was when I found this out. And of course it’s her first born (and she had like 4 miscarriages before hand) so I HAVE to attend. It’s just like; couldn’t you move it to the week after or something? I have to miss the entire garage sale now. Do you want to see what my garage looks like at the moment? I took this yesterday and forgot to post it.

You have to jump through six hula-hoop’s and do a flip to get to the washer and dryer.

I have a few pictures I was supposed to show yesterday, so let’s just get through them all right quick. Here’s a picture of the lettuce patch.

 We’ll probably start eating from them soon. Here are the little one’s, we have to put them away or they’ll pee everywhere and shred everything.

Aren’t they so cute?! My little yin-and yang babies. We think Kira has worms though. She’s been scooting across the floor a lot and won’t stop licking her bottom. To the point where you have to yell at her because you can’t take the sound of it anymore. And here is a look at the room she does most of the scooting in.

This is the new arrangement. It’s not so different from the old one, but it’s different enough to be an issue. My aunt is going to make a slip cover for this chair, and the foot stool. And lastly something I was supposed to post two days ago.

I don’t remember what they’re called exactly. It’s something like fire-rod. They don’t have a smell but they’re pretty and are all over the yard. There’s Albus; she’s “trapped” herself on the other side of the fence and can’t get back over. What a spaz.

In other news, my mom thinks my sister might be anorexic. I kind of suspected this when she threw up twice after getting her concussion. She’s always been overweight and has always had a hard time sticking to a diet and exercise program. I can’t blame her, there’s no way I’d be workin’ out. But it’s just one more annoying thing I’ve got to hear about now. Let’s see, what all is she now? An anorexic, drug using thief who steals and fools around with guys while she’s drunk. I’m sure that’s exactly what she’s always dreamt of being. On the plus side, she’s decided that she really does want to go to my dads house for the summer, and she doesn’t want to go to Arizona anymore because her friend won’t be able to go. It turns out that my dad has been dating her girlfriend for over a year and a half now. I’ve only met her once. It’s whatever if she marries him. So long as she doesn’t take away my inheritance when he dies, I don’t really care. I don’t ever visit him anyway, so I don’t care if he dates her. I will say this though. If she moves in, and so much as brings a can of paint in my room to redecorate I will throw a damn fit. My mom did that room before we left. It’s one of my few happy childhood memories that still exsists. So if she touches it, she will be kicked THROWN out of the house. Hmm… I wonder if my dad will let me bring up that table my sister and my mom and I painted when I was four. I really like it and it’s a kids table so it’s the perfect height for a coffee table. Next time I go down I’ll see if I can take it. Along with his fish tank and a dozen of my moms plants.