Oh, sad day. Only 17 hits. Maybe you all don’t like it when I’m a bitch? That can’t be it, that’s the only reason the few of you actually stick around.

The major event of my day was looking at fabric for my couch. It’s completely thread bare and I can’t even sit on it anymore. So I’ve enlisted the help of my aunts to make a slip cover for it. My mom and my aunt and I went to Jo-Ans to look at fabrics and found a bunch of stuff. We found some fabric for my chair (which doesn’t need a cover) and my foot stool (which also doesn’t need a cover) and some material for curtains. Did we pick out anything for my couch? Nope. We’re going to look online for that later sometime. After fabric shopping, we dropped off my aunt and then came home to do nothing. Except bitch at each other. My mom wanted to rearrange my room, as did I. only she wanted to move things around in a hideous way. She seemed to think that putting my chair on top of a bookshelf and a lamp, and then trying to hide that with another bookshelf, looked less cluttered than having all my book shelves lined up nicely on one wall and having my chair situated to see the rest of the room.

Two hours later, and after threatening each other’s lives half a dozen times, we were finished. I managed to text H the entire time. You know you’re skilled if you’re able to reorganize a room, fight with your mother, AND text the entire time. *yawn* I have to say, it’s rather drained me quite a bit. I’m having trouble even finishing this. The fact that I had to text H all day while trying to be funny was also quite tiring. AND I didn’t get my nap in. So pretty much I’ve had a hard day. I think I’m going to go to bed now. Because otherwise I’m going to end up with my face on the key board.