I can’t believe I let myself think today was going to be good. Classes were 25 minutes each, total waste of time, and then we had an hour long assembly that couldn’t have been more stupid. It was for diversity, which is cool, but the performances in the assembly were boring and no one actually talked about being diverse. After the assembly we got to do whatever we wanted because we had the Games for the rest of the day. I spent most of the time walking around with Le because she was one of my only friends who actually stayed at school and didn’t leave for lunch. While walking with her we passed two guys, who, upon seeing me, immediately began making fun and harassing me. They shouted at me ALL the way up the stairs. Mostly things like “go suck a dick, faggot.” A lot of what they said really didn’t make sense though. Its like, Aren’t you trying to tell me you hate me? Then why are you telling me to go be gay? I just ignored them, much as I would’ve loved to flip them off. They’re both kind of sketchy, and probably would’ve beaten me up if I had done anything.

That pretty much depressed me for the rest of the day, although handing out yearbooks was fun. You’re not allowed to get your yearbook unless you have your ID card. I forgot mine at home. Do you think that stopped me? Also, only the yearbook kids were supposed to be in the cafeteria for about half an hour. Did that keep me out? Nope. I walked around like I owned the place, got my yearbook, and stood around behind the tables without ever even being told to leave. All the yearbook staff were in baby blue. I was in a dark blue jacket with a brown shirt on. I just thought it was funny that over half of the yearbook staff was surprised to find out I wasn’t in yearbook. How do you not know everyone in your class by the end of the year? Anyway, after everyone was allowed to leave, Le was going to go watch basketball, and since I had had enough of the male half of the species for the day, I went out to the soccer field to hang with C and watch the girls play soccer.

You’d think that would’ve been a good decision right? Wrong. The entire time a group of guys a few rows back kept talking about how they wanted to hit me. It was so irritating. It’s like, I’m sitting here quietly, I’m not disturbing your lives, I’m just trying to have fun. I texted L (not Le but L) and told her that I was really going to kill someone. I was serious about it too. If anyone of them had so much as put a hand on me, I would’ve exploded. Never before have I actually wanted to kick someone’s ass. I finally ended up leaving (coincidentally just in time for school to get out officially) because I couldn’t take it anymore. L tried to say that I should just sit there and take it and then it would look better in a lawsuit. Um… no. I’ve been hit and harassed too damn much in my life to just sit there and take a beating. Fuck that. I really would’ve kicked the shit out of whomever I could’ve gotten my hands on, had they attacked me as a group. URGGHH! I’m so tired of this school! I hate guys! Only maybe 2% of them are actually decent people. All the rest could die tomorrow and I wouldn’t feel bad at all.

I came home and felt like dying. We watched Mulan in 4th and 5th (I LOVE that movie) but we didn’t finish it so I wanted to watch the rest. Once I finished it, I lay down and took a nap, hoping beyond hope I would fall into an endless sleep where I could dream forever. I didn’t. My mom came home and woke me up in the most annoying way possible. She came in, kneeled on the couch (so that her elbows were resting on the back and she was looking over my bed) and began to eat chips out of a bag. Only, she wanted to wake me up, so she chewed as loudly as possible. CHRRRUUUNNCH. CHRRUUNNCH. I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to scream at her. And then, once she finished her chips, she crumpled up the bag! All I could say was, “are you kidding me.” Then she came over and lay down next to me, calling all the dogs up so I would be bombarded by cold, wet dog noses. Urgh. Eventually I got up and then we went outside for a quick loop around the yard. Look at the beans!

There are a few others sprouting up also, but none of them were as close together.

The iris are almost all in bloom. The yard smells great. The only one’s that haven’t bloomed are my mom’s (because they were planted late) and a random lone yellow one. It looks like they might’ve gotten it by accident, because it’s planted in a large patch of light blues, and it’s the only one in the yard. Everything else has at least a dozen others like it.

After the loop we talked with S for a bit. Eventually we managed to leave and go have dinner at this awesome East Indian restaurant. J from next door recommended it. I sent her a text inviting her, but she was asleep and I was grumpy from my day so we didn’t wait for her. The food was AMAZING. We only ordered two dishes, because we’d never been there before, and I was full after eating only half of one of them. They were sooo delicious. I told my mom that I was “more full from the flavor than anything else.” We also got this orgasmic mango-yogurt drink. Oh my god. It was made from real, homemade yogurt, and had the most delightful mango flavor. It tasted like you were eating the mango fresh from the tree. And it even had a yummy after taste that was completely different from the drink it’s self. We ended up paying about the same for those two dishes as we do for the 5+ dishes we get at the Thai food place. Only, I was a lot fuller and we walked away with more left over’s.