Perhaps the most exciting things today occurred during sixth period. First I managed to slightly come out to about half a dozen people, and then I went and talked with my favorite teacher’s (my bio teacher’s) daughter.

So, we’re all sitting at our computers and I’m looking through a bunch of photos for my page and kind of listening to other peoples conversations for a few seconds at a time. The guys (who are actually decent human beings and not complete assholes) were talking about how one of their girlfriends was Bi. The guy’s name is A. Then R (she sits next to them) asks A if his girlfriend is bi, just as confirmation. I put my two cence in at this point to say that everyone is bi nowadays. She responded with “is there something you’re trying to tell us?” I don’t remember exactly what A said at this point but it had something to do with my being gay. I wasn’t offended by it, I just hate having huge group discussions about my being gay. Anyway, R realizes that he’s being serious and shouts “wait, you’re gay?!” so that a few other people start to look over. I was slightly embarrassed at this point, but I didn’t want to lie about my sexuality anymore, and I knew she wouldn’t care, but I wasn’t sure of all of the consequences coming out could bring and if I could handle them; so I shrugged and looked away slightly abashed.

A stepped in to defend me, or lighten the mood, or just stop the topic of discussion or whatever and said that it didn’t matter. R said she didn’t care, which I already knew, and then A said, “Don’t tell her, she’s a Christian. She’ll throw holy water on you!” to which I replied, “I live across the street from a huge church. She’s the least of my worries.” And that is how I managed to come out to a few people who already knew I was gay. I’ve known I wasn’t attracted to girls since I was 4; so it really surprised me that she actually believed I was straight. Then again, she thinks pork and ham come from two different animals.

A few minutes after that, I was ready to be out of the room for a while, and I needed to go talk to my bio teacher anyway (plus I heard her daughter was here) so I went down with my friend S to see her. My teacher wasn’t there, but her daughter was and she offered to let us stay and wait until her mom got back, so we stayed and chatted with her. She was so much like her mom it was weird. She had the same smile, same laugh, same mannerisms, same vocabulary patterns, same nose, and same eyes. It was fun talking with her. While we were in there, three very annoying guys came in (the ones from last year) to ask my bio teacher if it looked like one of them had wet himself, because he’d spilt water on the fringe of his shirt. The whole time they were acting like complete buffoons, and then kept (not so quietly) mentioning how cute our teacher’s daughter is. It was just like, ok guys, she’s in college, she’s your teacher’s daughter, and she can kick your ass in a second, start acting mature. She is really pretty though; like modeling pretty. We continued talking after they left, and talked pretty much right up until the bell.

I have a feeling I’ll be hearing a thing or two about it from my teacher tomorrow, but it’ll be fun. She seems like a really cool person, and I’d probably be friends with her if it weren’t for the fact that we high-schoolers “look so young.” She was really laid back. She doesn’t have that many friends I guess, but I don’t know why, she was completely normal as far as I could tell. Maybe it’s just because I’m able to get along with almost any girl I meet though. I suppose that just comes with being gay though. I just thought it was funny, because I had asked my other friend H (the one I’ve been texting for the last few days) I she would go down with me and visit with my teacher and her daughter. I think she thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to go talk to her. She was all surprised when I came back upstairs and regaled all the details of our conversation to her. Lol, haven’t you realized by now that I’m not afraid to just go and talk to people I don’t know? Guess not.