I’m so tried of not being able to just sleep. I get five hours of sleep, then go to school, then come home and nap for three hours, and then get up to do my homework. If I don’t nap I get even more tired (and irritable) and I end up staying up this late anyway. URG. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, I’d really like to know what was in the potion Juliet drank to put herself in a coma. I’d REALLY like sleeping for two days. My mom won’t get me sleeping pills though, so I’ll just have to try and make that potion from scratch. Where do you think I could find the recipe for it?

I’m also sick of my feet. For whatever reason I’ve been tripping over them a lot lately. They’ve been the same size for over a year, and now all of the sudden I’m having trouble with them. I catch my toes on EVERYTHING, especially my big toe on my right foot. It’s almost always soar because I jam it so much. Today I was walking back inside to get my shoes so I could go chase down the dogs, and I slipped on the step and shredded the underside of my toes. They actually started bleeding. I almost did a face plant into the table I fell so hard. Walking up a staircase is worse. I’m almost guaranteed to trip. I trip on my staircase at least once a week and don’t even ask me about trying to jump up on a ledge or my bed. I can almost never get my feet over the edges of things, so I end up hurting my leg because my foot catches weird. *sigh* I hope I figure out how to use them again, because I’m getting really tired of tripping over them. I just don’t understand how it is I’m going through a clunky awkward phase, after having grown into them for a year.

School was fine today. I’m really considering changing groups. My group of friends almost never listens to me, and anytime I try to say something they all tell me to shut up. I spent most of the day in silence or being cut off. Once I got to sixth I started talking with a few girls who I also have 3, 4 and 5 with, and we laughed for most of the period. And we actually had a conversation, not just laughing about nothing. Plus they’re more the kind of people I’d like to hang with anyway. They actually do their work, and they’re smart, and they’re funny. I was texting H after school (I needed some help with an essay) and we talked about going across the street from my house to the church to join in the next knitting circle. No one in my current group even knows what a knitting needle looks like. So hopefully she and I and another of my friends will be going to the knitting club’s next meeting.

I don’t really have much else to say for today, so here’s a picture of a white rose.


It’s actually tinted slightly pink in some places, but for the most part it’s white. It smells good though, so that’s all that matters.

Oh and also take a look at my lettuce patch!

There are at least three of them that are in bloom. The chives (placed in there to keep the slugs away) are in bloom too.