I really didn’t do anything today. I cleaned my fish tank, which had gotten so green you couldn’t see the fish. Then I got pouty and irritated because my mom wouldn’t take me to go and buy a new tank. The tank I have now is a gallon. It barely houses my goldfish. I was going to pay for a new (probably 10 gallon) tank, but she wouldn’t take me to the store. Sure, she’ll take my sister to go look at chameleons which we don’t have any place for, but she won’t take me to get a fish tank that will actually be used and won’t die after two days. It didn’t even bother me so much that she wouldn’t take me, it was the fact that she said “if you had your license you could just go get it yourself.” It’s like, every other flippin teenager is dying to get their license so they can go out to parties and go drinking and having sex and whatever else teenagers do, and I’M sitting here like a good child not breaking the law and you WANT me to be out doing those things?! And it pisses me off even more because the minute I get my license she’ll say “you can’t go driving until you get your grades up. If she actually does say that to me, I’ll come freaking unGLUED.

On a happier note, my neighbors came back today. They really are horrible, those neighbors of mine. They actually paid me for getting their mail. TEN dollars, just for getting two days worth of mail. I was like “well since you’re payin’ I also weeded the hill for you too!” S started laughing and said “shit” and then F said “YOU gotta pay him for that one.” I didn’t actually want any money for it. And I feel bad for taking it. It was just a little bit of weeding. I enjoyed doing it. I tried to bargin with them and asked F if he could fix my necklace. Of course, I had to go inside to do it, so they trapped me and forced the $20 on me. *grumbles* Rotten, mean old neighbors. Making me take their money. So I decided that since they were going to pay me so much, I might as well bake them something.

My mom had to help me though, because as you know I’m a terrible cook. I freak out over little things, and then end up missing big things up anyway. I made them some banana bread, since we had five over ripe bananas sitting in our kitchen. I made them a 3 banana loaf, and then made my house a 2 banana loaf. It was 9 o’clock by the time theirs was ready, but I ran it over to them anyway, just because it was still hot from the oven. They were both in their bathrobes, haha. S was shocked to find that it was warm. Hopefully they like it.

Random creepy thing. My mom was going around the house looking for towels to put in the laundry. She shouted down the hallway and asked if I had any in my room. Right as she got to my sisters previous room (and right as she finished asking the question) the door swung open. She walked inside and found a towel hanging on the back of the door. It was “interesting” to say the least. And then later, while I was home alone, I was in the kitchen and Buttercup was at the top of my stair, so that the garage door was in between us. All of the sudden, I heard the doorknob jiggle like someone was trying to open the door. At first I didn’t know what the sound was. I looked at Buttercup like “what did you do” and she looked back at me with the same expression. I wasn’t worried about anyone getting in (I didn’t even consider it actually) I knew it was the same… entity or whatever that had opened the door for my mom. That door is always locked though, so it wasn’t opened. It was just odd that we have a new ghost or whatever that likes to open doors. I find it a little annoying that they all enjoy acting up around me though.

While taking a quick “tour” of the yard, I found that my cat had climbed to the same place that lily was in the last picture I have of her. She was such a spaz while she was up there. She grabbed onto the braches and started acting like she was going to roll herself while she was up there. She almost fell several times. I got some good pictures of her though.


Goofy cat. Sorry about the bad lighting. She was being a weirdo while I was standing underneath her though, so I had to get a picture. She kept trying to grab me while attempting to roll over and remain on the tree at the same time. She’s a little bizarre. Fits in perfectly with my family, haha.