I thought a lot about Sammy today. We gave all the dogs a bath today, so they were all kind of on my mind anyway. But Sam especially. He’s getting old. He’s anywhere from 11 to 13 right now, and he isn’t getting any younger. As I played with the little dogs today, I couldn’t help but look over at the old black lump of a dog that hardly ever gets up and plays. I look at him and feel sorry. I should’ve played with him more when we first got him. I should’ve paid more attention to him. I still should pay more attention to him. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without him; he’s the only dog I’ve ever had that’s been a part of my life for so long. He’s been with us for… probably six years. It just makes me sad. He was so cute tonight; he curled up in a way I’ve never seen him do before. He put his front paw over his back foot and then tucked his nose underneath, like a big ol’ puppy. Flippin’ dog; gonna make me cry again.

*sigh* When I wasn’t thinking about my life without Sam, I was weeding. I went over to F and S’s house and weeded their top terrace. S was joking about me doing that while they were away, so I figured I’d do it anyway, just because. It was actually really quick, since most of it was dead grass. Unfortunately for them, that will all be grown over again by next week because all of the grass had gone to seed, so every time I picked up a clump seeds sprinkled everywhere. I also unearthed an ant nest. I think it was a collection of the baby queens because the larvae were twice as large as the ants themselves, and all of the normal larvae were smaller. So I smooshed the large white blobs and then poured bleach on the nest. F thought he’d killed them a while ago, and was gloating about how good his ant killer stuff was. Just wait ‘till I get to rub this in his face tomorrow.

After I weeded that 18’ by 3’ patch, I went back over to my yard, and weeded a 24’ by 3’ patch by the blueberries and current bush. It’d been looking hideous for weeks. Now it’s a nice brown color. I’m trying to get the Irish moss to fill in down around there though, so that I won’t have to weed it anymore. Plus it’ll help keep the ground moist. And it’ll make a wonderful green carpet in the flowerbeds. The moss has spread EVERYWHERE in the yard. It’s in the lawn, up in the pathways, in the cracks in the patio; it’s spread to the far corners of the yard. It must’ve been planted under a rose bush originally, but boy does it spread fast.

Random note; my mom wants to take a two week vacation to Arizona. We’d stop at half a dozen places along the way, and see some amazing things, but I don’t really want to go. We just moved into this house, we haven’t gotten to see everything this yard can do, we need to fix the dishwasher, replace the furnace, put insulation on the pipes, vents, and water heater, we need to paint the house, and my mom wants to cover the patio. She can’t even afford to GO on this trip! I’d be fine to go next year, but I want settle into this house for a year before I go gallivanting across the country side. Plus, we’d spend most of the trip in the car, driving to all of these destinations. It would be fun, but at the same time it wouldn’t. I don’t want to go, and I’m not looking forward to the day my mom says that we’re leaving. Who will take care of the dogs, and the yard and my fish and the cat while we’re away? I’m not going to ask my cousin again. The last time we asked him he through a party.