So my sister went to the ER last night, as I (think I) mentioned yesterday. My mom came in to wake me up this morning, and decided to let me stay home, just because. She asked me to stay home and take care of my sister, so I’ll be telling all of my teachers that tomorrow. Especially since I missed a chapter test in Spanish, lol. Tomorrow will be fun- oh actually no it won’t; she’ll make me sit in the hallway while she goes over the test. Urgh; it’s going to be such a waste. Anyway, I got to stay home and enjoy the lovely weather. I slept in until 10 and when I finally went outside at about 10:30 it was 90 degree’s out. I texted my mom to tell her how sorry I was that I stayed home, hahaha.

OMG I’m so excited for next weeks episode of Glee! I finally broke down and bought a song from the show; it’s Safety Dance which Arty sings when he envisions himself getting out of the wheel chair. Now I feel the need to rush to the store and buy every damn episode they’ve made. I’m kind of obsessed. I’m listening to the songs they’re going to do in next week’s episode and I can tell you right now, that episode is going to be amazing! If I could still shriek, I would be SHRIEKING right now. Ok, now that I’ve gotten all excited for that, I have to somehow calm down and tell you about how I spent half an hour weeding a patch of the walk way and then spent the rest of my day indoors playing Spore. Yeah, very exciting, I know. I think I might have a picture for you though. Let me see what I can find.

Ah there we are. Here is a picture of an especially large collection of Columbine. They’re all different shades of purple (you can’t really tell here though) and all have different flower shapes. There was a hummingbird on one of them today.

I did get to talk to my neighbor for a few minutes today. I explained why I was home and about my sister and blah blah blah. She made it clear that she would help if my sister needed anything. As we were finishing up our conversation she said “well I’ll be home almost all day, so if you need anything…” which made me think she was done with her sentence so I said “I’ll try not to bother you” and she replied “yea call your mom”. We both started laughing after that, because it was clearly a joke. After we were done talking (and I had finished with my yardwork for the day [I also planted a few more beans]) the weather turned to crap. It got REALY windy (I guess there was a chance of a tornado even) and it started raining. It was kind of depressing actually. I had been hoping to get so much more done with my day.

Really all I did today was get up, chat with S, weed for half an hour, then take a brake to eat. After that I went out and planted a begonia I’d had in a jar, as well as plant a few more beans. The beans that are in the ground are doing good. After that was done I came in and played Spore. FYI Spore is a game similar to Sims in that you control the lives of characters but entirely different in that you control the evolution of an alien species as well as the world and the creatures that live on it. It’s really fun up until the Space stage at which point it gets boring because the space stage is almost unbeatable. Anyway, hahaha, I’m going to bed because it’s late and I have to go to school tomorrow unfortunately.