Relatively speaking you could say that today was almost good. We spent most of the day laughing, and Spanish managed not to suck. I actually DID a few things in that class. You see? I told you I work best with others. I wonder if my teacher made the connection. Probably not. I stayed after for help even. That’s how much of an effect having a partner has. C and I were only able to stay for half an hour (my mom had to rush down to my dads because that’s where her lawyer is and she had to get my sister, who incidentally got my dad to call in early and get her out of class four hours before school was over) and my teacher completely wasted our time. She started talking with some of her student friends, and then she started handing out CANDY which we aren’t allowed to eat normally, and then she started telling her student friends a story about her iPod she got two years ago for Christmas. C and I were starting to get a little irritated.

Then once she was done with all of that, she tried to get onto her computer and about had a temper tantrum because it wouldn’t load properly. She started slamming her mouse down like it was a rattle. We were just starting to get to work when my mom texted me and said she was there. I basically wasted a half hour of my time after school. But at least I can now say I came in after school for help, and I was asking questions and I was involved so she can’t bitch about me not trying anymore. “Suck on that! Aye-aye-aye-aye!” I love that quote; it applies to so many things. Anyway, my mom ended up being about a half hour late to her meeting, and I got dropped at home to spend my day playing Spore. I advanced very quickly through the game (without ever saving) and then got to a point where I was about to die so I saved. Now I’m stuck because every time I restart I’m minutes away from death no matter what I do. *shakes head* blah blah blah. Let’s get to the good stuff.

My sister left school early (as afore mentioned) so that she could spend extra time with my dad and because she “wasn’t feeling well”. My mom would’ve been ok with that, had she been told when it was happening, not hours later. Apparently my dad can get in trouble for not notifying my mom if he takes us out of school. Needless to say my mom was extremely irritated by my sisters (and mostly my fathers) poor decisions. My sister’s kind of on a tight rope, so she really should be thinking about the things she’s doing. Anyway, she and my mom came home, and then my sister promptly went to a friend’s. About half an hour later the friend’s mom called to say that my sister was puking up blood. So my mom had to get up (and totally missed an awesome episode of Glee) and go take my sister to the ER. Turns out it was just heartburn. I’m so tired of her I’m actually falling asleep while writing this. *sigh* I wonder what my future self will think about this when he reads it. I’m not being very nice, but it’s honestly how I feel.

I’ve been noticing that I’ve become a bit more honest about things with other people. I’ve sort of just started telling it like it is. For instance, my friend was really sick today, and had gotten almost no sleep, but she came to school anyway. She asked if she looked bad and I told her exactly how she looked. She was an ugly shade of pale blue with sunken red-rimmed eyes and a stuffy nose. She didn’t appreciate that too much, hahaha. But it got her to finally go home, so I suppose I helped her in a way. After that (that was in Spanish) C and I spent most of third talking about houses and ghosts and where we’d like to go and things like that. It’s one of the most in depth conversations I’ve had with her all year. I told her about how my mom’s lamp (last night) short-circuited for the second time and started sparking. It’s only ever done that in this house.

Then I talked about how I felt like there was a negative presence in the house and that all the ghosts we ever got entered the home from the little entry way leading down to the garage/up to my room. It’s odd that I mentioned all that to her today, and then tonight felt like I was being watched everywhere I went. I couldn’t even turn my back when I walked in the living room or the dinning room. When I let the dogs out I kept my back to the outside the entire time. Kira even went on point a few times while I was watching Glee, she didn’t bark but she stiffened and looked in a specific place several times. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore; I literally felt like at any moment the lights would go out and I would be enveloped in a blanket of unnatural darkness. So I went up to my room (where the energy isn’t so bad) and lit a candle and some incense.

The candle is next to me, and the incense was burning in the middle of the room to give the air an even coating of smoke. My mom’s probably going to walk in and think I was smoking some weed though, lol. I feel a lot better, but I’m still going to wait until everyone gets home before I go to sleep. I really need to practice my energy work stuff; I’m so out of tune I can barely ground myself anymore.

What an odd day though. It’s rare that I have a good day at school and a bad day at home.