Today was chill. It wasn’t anywhere near as nice as yesterday or the day before. I forgot to mention that while I was mowing the lawn (in 70+ degree weather) I was also wearing my regular grey jacket. I barely broke a sweat even though it was sweltering out. I hate sweating, but I hate sweat marks even more, so the jacket stayed on. ANYWAY, today we just sat around at home and played ping-pong and Uno. It started raining early in the day (and I REALLY didn’t want to go out anywhere) so we stayed home. My dad brought his ping-pong table in a few days ago, so we got to play that downstairs. I’m horrible lol. Then we played a game of Uno that lasted over an hour. I could’ve been out in the first ten minutes but my sister (who managed to always have more than a quarter of the deck in her hand EVEN though I KNOW she could play things) kept giving me +2 cards.

Once we were done with the game we sat around watching TV and eating pizza. Once we finally got to leave to go meet up with my mom I started complaining to my sister about how I didn’t want to drive. She freaked out on me and said that she didn’t want to hear me bitch about it anymore. And she pretty much blamed me for the fight between my parents, even though the whole thing is because my stupid dad doesn’t know how to just do a nice thing for one of his kids and leave hurting my mom out of it. I’d really like to just tell my sister off one of these days, and not have to worry about talking about it later with my mom who will want to resolve the problem and talk about it and blah blah blah. My sister and I resolve things by arguing with one another; we don’t sit down and have family discussions that don’t work. I really don’t think I’d mind if she went down there for awhile. She’s already the favorite among the family down there anyway, might as well live down there.

Now that I’m done being bitter, I can talk about getting home. I was sooo glad to be home again. I immediately put my stuff down and started loving up on the dogs. And once I managed to get outside my neighbor came out and shouted “I missed you!” which completely made my day. I responded with “I missed you too!” which I had. We talked for a while, and just enjoyed one another’s company. I hate being away from my house for too long; I have too many plants to just leave behind for a few days. Every time I leave and comeback, it’s like I’m coming back to an entirely different yard. I missed out on dozens of iris opening up, a freakin THUNDER STORM, and several rody’s blooming. As well as the ROSES! Ok, here’s a few pictures of what I missed (and no, this isn’t all of it).

Let’s start in the front yard and work our way back, shall we?

There are half a dozens rose bushes planted in a crescent in the front lawn. They all bloom red and smell amazing.

This is the largest rose by far, and it smells the best too. I think I’ll cut it tomorrow and bring it inside to sit on the kitchen table. It’s about time we started bringing fresh cut flowers inside for the center piece anyway.

Another rody with large pink flowers. I think we have about a dozen in bloom now.

A very large pink azalea in bloom. There’s another one that’s a beautiful magenta color a few feet to the right, but I couldn’t get a very good picture of it. This has been blooming for weeks, but I never put a picture up so… there it is! Lol.

A Snap Dragon among our leek patch. This started blooming a few days ago, but it’s finally got enough blooms open to take a good picture. The leeks are also close to blooming too.

Another rose, this one’s a climbing rose though. It doesn’t smell, but it’s still pretty.

She barked literally right as I clicked the button to take the picture. It freaked me out (especially since she’d been laying there quietly for a while) so I kind of jumped, haha. This is one of her favorite spots in the yard.


A delphinium. And yes, that is Elvis up in the top right. My grandmother was a huge Elvis fan, so she had a lot of fun Elvis things. If you attach a hose to him, his arm starts flailing around like he’s dancing. He needs some more paint though.

I mentioned this rody a few days ago. It’s a really pretty deep purple, and I think we have another one like it elsewhere in the yard. It’s really pretty though, and it’s definitely going to have a ton of blooms.


Here are just a FEW of the 20+ iris that bloomed while I was away. They all smell REALLY good, and if you walk in the right places they’re all you can smell. We even have some BLACK iris. I didn’t even know they bloomed that color. They’ll probably end up a deep purple, but the tips of the petals (actually the greater part of the petal) is black. I can’t wait to see them open up. A few of my mom’s iris are going to open up soon, as well as a few others in the yard. The columbine are all in full swing now, and half of the staircase is masked by purple sprays. It’s really pretty. The Bee’s only had eyes for the raspberries though, completely avoiding the blueberries and the strawberries.

Well, that’s the last picture I’ve got for you. There’s lots more going on in the yard though, and all of it happened while I was away. The weather was also really nice too. That always happens when I go down to see my dad. I even missed a thunderstorm for crying out loud. I told my mom I wouldn’t be going down until my cousins wedding, which is sometime in June. I think it’s exactly a month away actually. And what do you think I’m going to wear to such an occasion? I have no idea. My best jeans are torn in two places and have a giant hole in the nee. I don’t own nice clothing; I find it to be wasteful.